Ever since the first launch back in 2018, Maya Delorez has been revolutionizing the equestrian world with innovative riding apparel. Our trademark has become to produce highly fashionable products that balance functionality and comfort, without compromising the aesthetic. Founder Madelene Törnblom is the product designer at Maya Delorez and her vision has been crystal clear since the beginning. She wants to challenge the traditional and bring new, innovative products to the market. 

It is now time to introduce a new breeches model to the MD range, and this launch is a bit different from the other ones. This time, we have developed a pair of breeches featuring a more traditional look, without compromising on our sporty vibe. Say hello to the untraditionally Classic Breeches!

Madelene about the model

👋 Madelene! Can you tell us a bit more about the Classic Breeches?
Hi there, sure! The Classic Breeches is our fourth model of women’s breeches, in which traditional design meets modern-day comfort. It took time to finish them completely and nail every detail, but now when I have them in front of me I have to say that they turned out very well. Far beyond expectation to be honest!

Why did you decide to add one more model to the range?
Because our community asked for it. They have requested “traditional” breeches with a sporty MD vibe for a long time and I am not the one who says no to a challenge! 

When I develop products and do research for new ones, I often turn to the Maya Delorez Community. I read product reviews, comments on social media and ask our customer service team if they have received ideas or feedback. The input I get from our customers is invaluable! They know our products best and I am forever grateful that they continue to share their ideas with us!

The input I get from our customers is invaluable!

What characterizes the design?
Compared to our other models Function, Performance and Compression, I would say that this model is more reminiscent of traditional breeches. Partly due to the slightly firmer fabric and the elastane material on the ankles. But also the details, such as the front zipper and buttons. Don’t let the traditional look fool you though! The breeches are still made with four-way stretch and are extremely comfortable to wear. The high waist and wide waistband ensures a perfect fit and offers maximum support in the saddle. Innovative riding apparel at its best right?

Tell us about the design process! Did you encounter any challenges?
I started to work on these breeches a long time ago, but I’m not a person who likes to settle for just “good”. Especially not when it comes to breeches, which have become our signature product. I want all our breeches to be perfect when we launch them, and that takes time.

The most challenging part has been to find the right balance between traditional and trendy. To implement classic features and characteristics, but maintain the MD vibe. To find a fabric that is a bit firmer and more “trousers-like”, but at the same time offers a high level of flexibility and freedom of movement. But eventually, I found the perfect material, which in combination with the design created the perfect pair of ultra-modern classic breeches.

How are the sizes? 
The Classic Breeches are very true to size. If you usually have M in breeches, you can order M in these ones as well. As the fabric in the Classic Breeches is a bit firmer than the material in our other models, we don’t recommend you to size down. Choose the size you usually have and if you feel unsure, contact our customer service and let them guide you to your perfect fit!

The Classic Breeches will launch in the colors black, navy blue, white and beige. Why did you choose those colors? Will there be more options?
As with all our products, we always try to keep them neutral in color. In this way, clothes from MD will never be outdated and they can easily be matched with our entire range. Black, navy blue, white and beige have always been popular colors in equestrian sports and we know that they will continue to be for many more years to come. 

We start by launching these four colors. But who knows, we might add more colors later. When it comes to choosing the colors, I appreciate all the input I can get. So if there are any wishes regarding future colors, feel free to let us know!

How did you come up with the names? 
We actually had a competition at the MD office! All employees had the opportunity to submit name suggestions and then I chose four winners. The only requirement was that the names should feel “classic” – but I guess that it’s a highly individual question what defines a classic name, haha! The winning names were: Hedvig, Beata, Vera and Astrid. I absolutely think the names are vibing with the breeches, don’t you?

Luna is wearing size XS in the Classic Breeches