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Maya Delorez uses cookies, web beacons (pixel tags) and other tracking technology with our websites for the following purposes: web statistics, sales and advertisement, user experience, and functionality. Through this policy, you confirm you approve the storage of cookies, and other local storage technologies, web beacons, and other information about your devices, and to accessing such cookies, and local storage technologies, web beacons, and other information by us and our partners.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files placed on your computer hard disc which contain information about the parts of our website you visit. The term ‘cookies’ may also include other technical solutions. Cookies are reliable files and may not consist of software code, transfer viruses, or be used to collect information about what you use your computer for. Some of our business partners whose content is linked to or by our website may also use cookies. However, we do not have access to or control of these.

What are web beacons?

Web beacons (pixel tags/ pixels) are typically graphic images located on a website. They are used to count the visitors to a site and/or to access certain cookies. Web beacons normally do not collect any other information than what your browser provides to us as is standard in any Internet communication and we do not use web beacons to identify individual users. If you opt out of using cookies, the web beacon will no longer be able to track your specific activity. The web beacon may, however, continue to collect information on visits from your IP address, but that information will no longer be personally identifiable.

How can I opt out of using cookies?

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