Halters & Lead ropes

Looking for a halter or lead rope that's beyond ordinary? Then you've come to the right place! With an adjustable neck strap & noseband, unique embroidery and gold-colored brass buckles our accessories have what it takes to become your new favorites. Their iconic MD design makes it easy to match with our browbands and belts. Halters and lead ropes with an elegant color scheme and stylish design - get ready for a real eye-catcher!
Exclusive design in our halters for horses

Not every day at the stables can be perfect, but your halters can be! Our halters for horses will make every day at the stables a special one. Who doesn't feel inspired by stylish designs, elegant color combinations and exclusive details? Let us present our halters!

Our halters for horses come in brown, vegetable tanned leather and have gold-colored buckles in solid brass. Check out our Gabrielle Halter for an exclusive look. It's impossible not to make a lasting impression with its black and gold embroidery! Or maybe you're looking for an elegant halter with classic colors? Then you have to see our Zelda Halter! Its black and gray embroidery makes for an elegant, timeless look. Well as you can see, we at MD have halters for horses that can be used every single day!

Halters for horses - sustainability tips

Our halters for horses come in high quality, durable vegetable tanned leather. There are two simple tips we'd like to share with you to keep your leather halters for horses soft and supple. First, clean the leather regularly with saddle soap to get rid of dirt and sweat. And second, treat it with leather conditioner to keep it nice and supple. Simple as that! By taking care of your halters for horses you can easily extend their lifespan - smart and sustainable!

Questions? Md to the rescue

Do you have any questions about our halters for horses or other MD products? Don't worry! In our FAQs you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions from our customers. You can find our FAQ page.

If you have any further questions about our halters for horses you are always welcome to contact our customer service. We are happy to help you via chat or email! Contact our customer service.

Our halters for horses for your teammate

We at MD love to see pictures of your horses wearing our halters! It's so exciting to see which color combinations fit just your horse. Rider and horse in Maya Delorez from top to toe - there's nothing that inspires us more. So don't forget to tag us on social media the next time you upload a picture of your horse wearing one of our halters for horses. We just can't get enough!

Lead rope for horses - a must-have at the stable

With our lead ropes for horses you'll add an elegant touch to all your everyday stable chores. Time to bring in your horse from the pasture or to go for a walk? We want you to do it in style! Or why not add that extra touch of elegance when you're off to training or a show? Well, as you can see, our lead ropes for horses can be used for any occasion. Choose from our models to find your favorite!

Fancy matching your new lead rope with our other products? Find your favorites in our broad range for horses.

Better safe than sorry 

What do you usually take with you when you're at a clinic or a show? A pro tip from us at MD is to always take an extra lead rope with you wherever you go, so that on the off chance that your lead rope breaks, you're always prepared! Simply put an extra lead rope in your car so you always know it's at hand if you need it. Better safe than sorry!

Here are some more tips to keep in mind:   

Remember not to wrap the lead rope around your hand when leading your horse. This can very easily lead to an accident if your horse suddenly panics and tries to run away. 

If you know that your horse tends to rush or get pushy when you lead it, or if you are in a completely new place, it may be a good idea to wear riding gloves when leading.

Make sure there are no knots on your lead rope that you could get caught in. The lead rope should be able to run smoothly through your hands.