Riding is not a hobby, it's a lifestyle - and we have everything you need for every occasion. Our innovative riding gear is designed for active riders who want to perform at their best. No matter if it's at the stable, at the gym, when training or competing: We got your back! Invest in your journey today to become a better rider tomorrow!
Women's equestrian clothing - adapted to the sport

For a long time women's equestrian clothing has been associated with rigid materials without either a good fit or functionality.  And we asked ourselves: Why is that the case? Do we as riders not deserve materials that adapt to our bodies and optimize our performance on horseback? We decided that we couldn't accept this any longer! That's why we developed women's equestrian clothing that's actually tailored and adapted to the sport. Finally! You may think it was a bold decision, we'd say: innovative! Read our founder Madelene's words about Maya Delorez' journey, from vision to reality here. 

Discover the future of women's equestrian clothing

Our women's equestrian clothing is made from breathable materials that adapt to your body and allow you to perform that little bit extra when it counts. If there's one thing we as equestrians know, it's that every detail counts. And the clothes we wear are no exception. Our women's equestrian clothing are pieces with unique details that bring out the best in every occasion, both on horseback and on the ground. Functional fabric, four-way stretch and perfect fit. Say no more!

Timeless design

We don't believe in fast fashion - we believe in stylish, timeless pieces that keep what they promise time and time again. That's why our women's equestrian clothing comes in classic colors that will never go out of style. The neutral color scheme allows you to mix and match garments and discover new outfits in your equestrian wardrobe. Our incredible community surprises us everyday with creative and inspiring ways to combine our women's equestrian clothing. Are you looking for inspiration and ideas? Follow us on social media! We post inspiring outfits from our community every day.

Sustainable women's equestrian clothing

As a step towards more sustainability we don't just work with a neutral color scheme in our women's equestrian clothing. As a start-up company we also want to take responsibility all the way from manufacturing until you, the customer, receive your MD products. When developing our women's equestrian clothing we're therefore always in close dialogue with our suppliers. To avoid unnecessary transports we try to reduce the number of returns as best as possible. We do this by providing carefully designed size guides for our women's equestrian clothing and we are also available in our live chat to help our customers with questions about our sizes. Do you have further questions about our sustainable women's equestrian clothing? Read more about it here.