Show wear

For you to succeed as an athlete, we believe you need the right gear. That's why we've developed show wear with outstanding design and with a focus on high comfort, allowing you to always rock the right vibe in the show ring. Elegant details, supple materials and optimal comfort. Our innovative show wear guarantees maximum support all the way to the finish line. You got this!
The latest in show wear - Adele Show Jacket

Did you see that we've expanded our range of show wear? Let us introduce you to our latest addition, Adele, whose exclusive design will change the way you look at show wear. The Adele Show Jacket is sure to take your show wear to the next level. Trendy design, tone-on-tone details and a perfect fit. Well, we could go on for hours about Adele! But we believe that you need to try it on to really feel what we mean. The Adele Show Jacket really empowers you to reach for the stars! When our founder Madelene designs show wear, no detail is left to chance. And the process to create the perfect show jacket can be quite long. Here you can read Madelene's thoughts on creating Adele. 

When the starting bell rings we want you to feel 100% confident about your show wear! That's why Adele comes with a custom jacket cover and a hanger, super convenient for long show days.

Adele comes with a figure-hugging fit for a classic silhouette. To help you find the right size we have created a detailed size guide which you can find here.

Prepare for success in our show wear

Planning, training, preparing, packing... Yes, us riders know that it takes a lot of work and many early mornings in the stable to prepare for a show. There are so many things you need to make sure of so that you and your horse are prepared when you step into the show ring. While we can't help you with that, we can help you find the right show wear to take your performance to the next level! Our show wear is perfectly adapted to the sport and engineered to optimize your athletic performance. Our show wear comes in a modern design, perfect fit and a breathable fabric that follows your body's movements Your goal-focused determination and our precision-engineered show wear are a perfect match! Invest in show wear that allows you to succeed in the saddle when the starting bell rings. Ready, set, go!

Show wear for the equestrian elite

The way to the top is rough; you need a solid work ethic and a strong driving force that makes you never want to quit. If anyone has a will of steel, it's Louise Etzner Jakobsson, silver medalist at the 2021 Paralympics. Read more about her moving story from the life-changing accident to the silver medal in the Paralympics here.