Make room in your riding wardrobe for a real game changer that will revolutionize your view on what breeches are and should be. At MD, we are passionate about breeches and set high standards on design, function and quality. We develop breeches that are perfectly adapted to the sport, and they all have one thing in common: When you put them on, they just feel 100% right!
Our women's breeches

Gone are the days of thick cotton breeches that restrict your mobility in the saddle. Your breeches should adapt to you - not the other way around.

Our innovative breeches for women are developed in a functional design that elevates your performance in the saddle. We believe that you as equestrian athletes need breeches that perfectly adapt to your body and do not restrict your movement. That's why our women's breeches are made from a functional fabric with four-way stretch, designed for and adapted to the sport. Our women's breeches are iconic key pieces that complete your look, all the way from training to competition.

Women's breeches - our unique models

Our broad range of women's breeches comes in several different models, each characterized by a different design and properties. So we definitely have something for everyone! Maybe you're interested in our everyday favorite Function model with its outstanding comfort? Or what about a pair of elegant Performance Breeches with stylish details? Or maybe you're after our game-changing Compression model with its compression fit and four-way stretch? No matter which model you're out for, you can be sure to find your next go-to look at Maya Delorez. Let us guide you through our different types of breeches here.

Finding the right size in our women's breeches

To take your riding to the next level, you need to find the right size our women's breeches. Our women's breeches should sit snug and tight for the perfect fit. If you're hesitating between two sizes we generally recommend choosing the smaller size in our breeches. Are you unsure which size you should choose in our women's breeches? Don't worry! We have created a detailed size guide for our women's breeches. Find our size guide!

Feel free to contact our customer service if you're still unsure about which size to take. We're happy to help you find the right size in our women's breeches!

Types of grip in our women's breeches

In our women's breeches you can choose between full seat grip and half seat grip. Our highly functional silicone grip is designed for optimal support in the saddle. Are you wondering which type of grip you should choose? Well, it depends on what kind of support you personally prefer! We also have women's breeches that come without any grip at all. All our customers should be able to find the type of grip that fits just their preference, that's why we chose to offer different types of grip in our women's breeches. We simply want you to be as comfortable as possible in the saddle! Want to know more about our different grip alternatives? You can read more here.