An exclusive look without compromising on functionality. Sounds like MD? 100%! In our wide range of accessories you will find products that add an elegant touch to every outfit while being perfectly adapted to the rider's needs. Bring out the best in every moment with accessories that come in innovative designs and with unique details. Riding gloves, bags and belts. We got you covered! Upgrade your days on horseback with our accessories.
Next generation riding accessories

For us at MD it goes without saying: riding accessories should not only come in a trendy design - they should also serve their purpose day after day. That's why our riding accessories are designed with your needs as a rider in mind so that you can focus on what you love doing - all day, every day. And they will simply make you perform better in every situation. Our riding accessories are here to stay!

Complete your outfit with our riding accessories

Accessories are an integral part of our everyday wardrobes. So we at MD asked ourselves: shouldn't riding accessories be an integral part of a rider's wardrobe, too? We definitely think so! Equestrian athletes require riding accessories that are up to scratch. That's why our riding accessories come with stylish details that help you nail that perfect look, both when training and competing. Thanks to the classic color scheme we use in our riding accessories you can easily match them with your favorite outfit for the perfect look. Do you feel like your outfit is missing something? Complete your outfit with our riding accessories!

Shop the look

Do you need outfit inspiration? At MD you're sure to find something for every occasion. Chic, casual, or a real go-to outfit? MD got you covered!

Riding accessories for an active lifestyle

Riding is such an active sport, and we love it! With our practical riding accessories we want to make it easy for you to to feel comfortable even under the most challenging conditions. Have you checked out our convenient thermos mugs or water bottles? They are perfect for long days at the stables and for early show mornings. You can always feel well prepared and ready to go with our riding accessories. Didn't have time for your usual cup of coffee in the morning? No problem, you can drink it in the car on the way to the stables. Our practical mugs are real life savers. Treat yourself to some me-time with our riding accessories!