Horse equipment

The best thing about being an equestrian? We get to do what we love every day - with those we love the most. You know that feeling when you and your horse become one and you're 100% in the moment? That's when the magic happens! We at MD develop products for your teammate in elegant and stylish designs with unique details and high-quality materials. Maya Delorez - for horse and rider.
Horse equipment that will never go out of style

As with everything we develop here at MD, on-trend style and high quality is what sets our horse equipment apart. Our horse equipment features true design classics that will never go out of style! The neutral color scheme and elegant details make for a unique look that is perfect for both training and shows. In addition, our horse equipment comes in our signature MD design so it's easy to match with the rider's outfit. Our horse equipment is simply a must-have for the perfect MD look!

When our founder and designer Madelene develops new horse equipment, she always starts with a neutral and down-to-earth color scheme. The design should be timeless and go with everything. Do you want to learn more about how Madelene designs our horse equipment? Read more about the design process here.

Materials in our horse equipment

For us at MD, it's important that horse equipment lasts a long time, especially since it's used in tough environments. That's why our horse equipment comes in durable, functional and high quality materials. We always strive to offer the best products for you and your best friend! All of our leather horse equipment is vegetable tanned. This way we avoid harmful chemical tanning processes, which can pose major health and environmental risks.

Want to know more about how we work with sustainability when developing horse equipment? Read more about our sustainability work here.

Take care of your horse equipment

To extend the lifespan of your horse equipment it is important that you take care of it properly. An easy way to take care of your leather horse equipment is to regularly clean it with saddle soap. To keep your leather horse equipment soft and supple, it is also important to condition it with leather conditioner. By taking proper care of your horse equipment, you can slow down and even prevent wear and tear of your products.