Timeless With a Twist:

Classic Breeches

Classic breeches from a not-so-classic brand. This is innovative riding apparel at its best – traditional design that meets modern-day comfort and function. Let’s take a closer look at our Classic model.

Classic is Iconic

The Classic Breeches collection will never go out of style. They are suitable for all disciplines and provide high levels of support, elasticity, and comfort. They may look like timeless, regular breeches, but don’t be fooled – the Classic series is anything but average.

Firm Super Stretch

Our Classic Breeches are made with groundbreaking four-way stretch fabric. This super stretchy material offers unmatched flexibility and maximum freedom of movement. The Classic super stretch material is slightly firmer than our regular four-way stretch, making these breeches ideal when you need extra support.

Some Characteristics of the Classic Breeches:


The Classic series comes in a comfortable high-rise for great comfort, fit and feeling on horseback.


The breeches close with a practical front zipper with buttoning.

Wide Waistband

Classic features a wide waistband that gives your core muscles the support they need.

FAQ of Classic

Below, we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about the Classic Series. Keep reading for all the details!

What is the sizing like for the Classic Breeches?

Our Classic Breeches are made from a slightly firmer four-way stretch material, making them somewhat less stretchy than our other models. Thanks to the four-way stretch, the Classic Breeches will still adjust to your body shape and length. 

These breeches are true to size, but if you find yourself choosing between two sizes, opt for the larger one for the ultimate fit.

What is the material of the Classic Breeches like?

The Classic model is made of 78% polyester and 22% spandex, featuring a firmer version of our four-way stretch. The term "four-way stretch" refers to the ability of the material to stretch in all four directions: up and down, left and right. This means that the fabric will move with your body as you ride, providing a comfortable and unrestricted fit. The secret behind the stretchiness of the material is the addition of spandex to the fabric blend, which makes the material not only flexible but also durable and breathable. And because the fabric can stretch in multiple directions, you'll find that it will conform to your body, rather than the other way around. You'll be able to move freely and easily, without worrying about your clothes restricting your movements or riding.

The Classic Breeches are Maya Delorez’s interpretation of timeless riding apparel, combining comfort and support with classic features such as buttons and a zipper. The material also have breathable and moisture-wicking qualities.

Finally, the Classic Breeches are perfect for both show and practice, offering high comfort and stylish, luxurious details.

What distinguishes the Classic model from your other breeches models?

The Classic series, unlike the Function, Performance, and Compression models, closes with a zipper and buttons. They also feature spandex at the ankles for ultimate comfort while wearing riding boots.

The material of Classic is moderately thinner than the material of for example our Compression Breeches, while being similar to that of our Cargo Breeches and Sport Breeches. The differences here lie in the distinct details of the particular models. 

How should I care for my Classic Breeches?

We recommend cold washing all our breeches at 30°C. They are not to be bleached or ironed, and should be tumble-dried on a low temperature. 

Follow the washing instructions on the label inside the waistband of your item. These instructions are also listed under each product on our website.

Can I do shows in the Classic Breeches?

Yes, you can! For our Classic Breeches in show colors, you can choose whether you want them with or without a logo on the leg. This is necessary, for example, for those competing in the hunter division.

More Details of the Classic Series:

Phone Pockets

Extra deep front pockets allow you to carry your phone and other belongings without feeling restricted or experiencing discomfort.


Choose between full seat or half seat. We use a silicone grip, which guarantees excellent adhesion and makes it easier to stabilize the seat. Unlike more traditional types of grip, it also allows for unrestricted freedom of movement on and off horseback.


The Classic Breeches come in multiple colors, such as black, dark blue, light beige and white. All the classic colors for breeches, that is.

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