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Compression Breeches

About Compression Breeches

Since the first product launch in 2018, Maya Delorez has continuously revolutionized the equestrian world with innovative riding equipment. The company’s trademark has become to produce highly fashionable products that bring together functionality and comfort. 

Founder Madelene Törnblom is the creator behind all Maya Delorez products and her vision has been crystal clear since the beginning – she wants to challenge the traditional view on riding clothes and offer the best products on the market. By constantly striving to evolve with the sport, Madelene designs riding clothes and equipment which is now sold all over the world. And she is not planning on slowing down – on the contrary, Madelene has numerous plans for the future. 

This week, a new model of breeches is launching: Compression Breeches. After working on designing Compression for the last two years, it’s finally time to launch the new model and the designer herself promises a pair of breeches that is beyond ordinary.


Madelene, can you tell us a little bit about Compression?
Compression breeches are what I call a real game changer. The breeches are made out of four-way stretch compression material, which gives unbelievable support in the saddle. Just like our other two models, they have a high waist and a broad waistband for best comfort. They are seamless on the inside leg, non-see-through and made with our popular silicone grip. The specially designed front pockets offer a great place for your phone and other belongings without restricting your freedom of movement or causing chaffing. As you can probably tell, I could keep on talking forever about how unbelievable our Compression Breeches are, but to fully understand the hype, you have to try them yourself. I guarantee that you’ll feel amazing in them! 

Why did you choose to design a new model of breeches?
Since breeches have absolutely been our main thing right from the beginning, I’ve been working for a long time on expanding our range in this product category. I myself have been missing breeches that offer the same comfort as our other models – but with a slightly thicker, firmer material. That’s why I decided to design our Compression Breeches. 

Apart from the firmer material that you already mentioned, what would you say are other differences between Compression and the other two models, Function and Performance? 
There are basically two things that are distinctive to out Compression Breeches. On the one hand the material, and on the other hand, the seamless inside leg. Because they are seamless, there is less friction between the rider’s leg and the saddle. This gives you an extra amount of comfort. 

The design process

You mentioned that you’ve had been working on designing Compression for two years. What was important to you during the design process? Did you encounter any challenges?
I would say that the most time-consuming aspect while designing Compression was to find the right material. I have tried countless different materials along the way which, in one way or the other, didn’t feel right or did not meet my demands. It was important for me to find a material which had the same benefits as Function and Performance – but which, at the same time, was firmer and gave you a more sculpted look. This combination, as it turned out, was not easy to find. As I mentioned, it took quite a while and it was really trying my patience. But now that I see the breeches in front of me, in this fantastic material that absolutely meets my high requirements, I can absolutely say that it was worth it! 

What would you say characterizes the design? Did you have a specific type of rider in mind when you created Compression?
I would say that Compression Breeches are great for every rider with high demands on their equipment. The high-quality compression material offers maximum comfort and a great fit, and makes them perfect for riders who wish for a little more support from their breeches. The high waist and extra broad waist band gives you the same comfortable feeling you get from a pair of riding leggings. At the same time, the unique design gives you an elegant look that’s perfect both for everyday use and for training and competitions. 

About the color choices

The breeches come in black, white and mauve beige -why exactly did you choose these colors? Will there be more colors?
When I design products, I always try to keep to a neutral and timeless color scale. This of course influenced me when I chose the colors for Compression, as well. 

Admira, which comes in black, is the best choice for everyday use. They are easy to match and will never go out of style. Gretha comes in a totally unique shade of mauve beige. The fashionable color really gives an elegant touch and makes you stand out from the crowd. Compression also comes in classic, clean white. I chose to call the white model Vienna and if you are a competition rider, I would say that these are a must in your wardrobe this spring!

I have already designed other colors which we plan on launching in the future. When it comes to choosing the colors, I appreciate all the input I can get. So if there are any wishes regarding future colors, feel free to let us know!

3 quick questions

How are the sizes for your Compression Breeches?
I would say that Compression are true to size. But if you are unsure between two sizes, I would recommend you to order the larger size. If you already bought breeches from us and you feel that your Function/Performance fit perfectly, you can chose the same size for Compression. 

What motivates you to keep on designing and creating new products?
I receive daily input from our community which helps me a lot in designing new products. I am really thankful for this. Often I get ideas about what is missing or what could be improved in the equestrian world while I’m at the stable and riding. But my biggest source of motivation is to see horse girls all around the world wearing my products. This makes me so happy and proud!

How excited are you about this new launch? 
I am so UNBELIEVABLY excited to finally release our Compression Breeches! They are really beyond everything I have ever experienced and I am so glad that we can finally show them to you.

Compression are live! Discover our breeches and get your new favorites!

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