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Compression Breeches

Our Compression Breeches are a total game changer and something completely out of the ordinary. Their distinctive feature is the firmer material that gives you an amazing feeling and a sculpted look. Let’s dive deeper into all things Compression!

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Compression Characteristics You Might Want to Know About:


One of the traits of the Compression model is its high rise, providing great fit and feeling on horseback.

Phone Pocket

The model features extra deep front pockets that allow you to carry your phone and other belongings without feeling restricted or experiencing discomfort.

Wide Waistband

The Compression series features a wide waistband that keeps the breeches in place and ensures outstanding comfort during your riding sessions.

Compressive Stretch

Our Compression Breeches are designed with a slightly thicker, compressive four-way stretch fabric that provides great flexibility and shape. So while offering a comfortable and unrestricted fit, these breeches will always be there to give you firm support in the saddle.

Dreamlike Combo

The days of wishing your breeches would fit like seamless tights are over! The Compression Breeches are the ultimate blend of functional modernity and classic tradition. Simply the best of two worlds.

FAQ of Compression

Below, we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about the Compression Series. Keep reading for all the details! 

What are the Compression Breeches like in size?

Our Compression Breeches are crafted from a compressive four-way stretch material that adapts to your body shape and length. These breeches are true to size with a slimmer fit, so we recommend choosing your regular size. If you are between sizes, opt for the smaller one for the best fit.

Don’t be discouraged if your Compression Breeches appear small at first glance—they are designed to be slim and will adjust perfectly to your body and length after just a few uses. 

What distinguishes the Compression model from your other breeches models?

Our Compression model is a revolutionary blend of classic breeches and modern tights. Choose Compression to experience unparalleled comfort with moisture-wicking fabric and a high waist that fits like your favorite tights, yet offers the support and fit of traditional breeches. Modern features like deep phone pockets keep you prepared for all your needs. It's the perfect balance of snugness and style that makes our Compression Breeches an all-time favorite. 

What is the material of the Compression Breeches like?

The Compression Series is made with 62% Nylon and 38% Spandex, creating a more compressed material that provides maximum support for the rider. This combination ensures a comfortable feel and an optimal fit. The material is slightly thicker in the Compression Series compared to our other breeches, yet it remains moisture-wicking and breathable, making these breeches perfect for all types of weather. 

How should I care for my Compression Breeches?

We recommend cold washing all our breeches at 30°C. Compression Breeches are not to be bleached, ironed or tumble-dried.

Follow the washing instructions on the label inside the waistband of your item. These instructions are also listed under each product on our website. Need a more elaborate washing guide? Click here.

More Compression Details:

Belt Loops

In need of extra support? The Compression Breeches have smart belt loops that keep your belt in place. These also allows for a stylish, dressed-up look.


Choose between full seat, half seat or no grip. We use a silicone grip, which guarantees excellent adhesion and makes it easier to stabilize the seat. Unlike more traditional types of grip, it also allows for unrestricted freedom of movement.


Compression Breeches come in multiple colors, such as mauve beige, burgundy, brown, gray, army green, dark blue, light beige, black, and white.

No Logo Option

Logo or no logo? The choice is yours! For Compression in lighter colors (suitable for shows), you can choose to have your pair without a text logo on the thigh.