Up-and-coming talent

Clara Paschertz

Meet one of the rising talents in the MD team: Clara Paschertz, a successful dressage and showjumping rider from Germany. Get to know her now


Thu 18 Jan - 24

Clara Paschertz got her first pony when she was only a few months old, sealing her love for horseback riding from an early age. In 2013, when she was six years old, she competed in her first show, and since then, this young talent has notched up some seriously impressive wins. So, who exactly is Clara Paschertz, where is she from, and what are her plans for the future? We had a nice chat with her to find out.


About Clara

  • Name: Clara Paschertz

  • Birthday: March 21, 2007

  • Lives in: Cloppenburg-Bethen, Germany

  • Discipline: Dressage and Show Jumping

  • Instagram: @clara_paschertz


Clara Paschertz may not have grown up in what some might consider a "typical" horse-family, as she tells us. However, she had plenty of exposure to horses from a young age: Her mom is not only a rider herself, but also breeds dressage and showjumping horses. In the meantime, however, it seems like the horse bug has caught on with others in the Paschertz family as well. Clara's older brother Max is making a name for himself in showjumping, and her younger sister also rides, though she hasn't entered any competitions yet.

Clara is a true all-rounder: She feels at home both in dressage and showjumping, enjoying both disciplines equally. While she mentions that she might be a bit more successful in dressage, given her longer and more intense involvement in that discipline, she currently has no plans to limit herself to just one:


"I love both equally! I have so much fun with both, which is why I don't want to give up either at the moment."


Currently, Clara rides six horses: The dressage horses Da Capos Dancing Boy (Capo), Celebration WE, Danubio OLD (Nubi), and Leo (Lloris), and the two showjumping horses Clip and Annelie.

Clara is a pro when it comes to juggling her academic commitments with her passion for riding. You'll typically find her in the saddle either before or after school, and thanks to the support of her mom, her trainer, and a well-thought-out schedule, she manages to smoothly blend her sporting and academic pursuits.

"When we're at overnight shows, I study in the truck," she reveals, grinning.

At the stable, Clara is a hands-on helper, or as she puts it, "I help wherever I can!". On weekends or whenever there's no school stuff on her plate, she jumps in to feed and muck out. She also shares that she is a bit of a neat freak who particularly enjoys cleaning up and sweeping the stable.

Clara finds great inspiration in dressage from top riders like Daniel Bachmann Andersen, Cathrine Dufour, and Charlotte Dujardin. "Her seat is just amazing! I also love it when horses are trained in different ways – hacking out, doing gymnastic jumps, and having lots of turnouts in the pasture," Clara excitedly tells us.

In the world of showjumping, she looks up to Peder Fredricson and Marcus Ehning. "But I'd also love to nail a jump-off like Richard Vogel at the CHI Geneva!" Clara adds with admiration.

Among her numerous achievements, Clara takes particular pride in her three gold and two silver medals at the European Championships in dressage. At the German Championships, she not only qualified for the finals in three disciplines (Junior Dressage, Pony Dressage, and Junior Jumping) but also secured the bronze medal in Junior Dressage.

"I think no one has done it in three disciplines before", Clara proudly explains – and rightfully so!

Looking ahead, Clara dreams of riding at a high level in the senior shows one day. At the same time, she aims to continue with her passion for training young horses. Being able to support Clara in her journey makes us proud, and having such a young talent in our team is a genuine privilege.


Five Quick Questions

  • What is your absolute favorite food? Sushi

  • Who is currently your favorite artist? Lana del Rey, Kanye West, The Weeknd, and Drake

  • Which school subject do you like the most? Physical Education and English

  • If you had to choose: Mare or Gelding? Gelding

  • How do you prefer to spend a free day? Getting up early to ride all my horses and then spending time with my friends.


"There are too many great products from Maya Delorez! But the Compression Breeches are definitely one of my favorites."

- Clara