Breeches Washing Guide

Ever wondered about the best way to wash your breeches from Maya Delorez to make them last longer? Search no further, we got you covered with the best tips from team MD! Here comes the ultimate guide on how to make your breeches smell good, look spotless and feel absolutely amazing.

How often do I need to wash my breeches?

Before giving you all our best advice on washing, we want to give you the one tip that will make your breeches last the longest. And that’s actually the exact opposite of washing! Our tip: Only wash when absolutely necessary. Every time you wash your clothes, they shed fibers and over time, excessive washing can cause damage. Not only does this take a toll on your breeches, but on the environment as well. Most of the time it’s enough to air your breeches and to give them a good shake to make them shine like new. So after you take off your breeches after getting home from the stable, make it a habit to bring them outside and give them a good shake to get rid of dust and hair, and leave them hanging in the fresh air for some time. You will notice that your breeches will automatically feel and smell fresher, without washing!

Ok, but what if you really need to wash them? Life in the stable is tough and your riding gear has to withstand rough environments. We all know how fast something can get dirty while mucking the stables, grooming or riding your horse. And at times it can definitely be necessary for your breeches to go for a spin in the good ol’ washing machine.

How do I wash my breeches?

The first (and most essential) piece of advice we can give you is to always check the instructions on the label before putting the breeches (or any clothes, for that matter) into the washing machine. Our general advice for our breeches is to wash them cold at 30°C/80°F and to wash them with similar colors. These basic instructions are the foundation to a wash that’s gentle to the four-way-stretch material and the silicone grip, and that protects vibrant color in your breeches. So if you follow these instructions, you’re already off to a good start!

Here come some additional tips that work wonders

How do I remove stains from my breeches? 

Elbow grease! If you have a bad stain on your favorite pair of breeches – like a grass stain –  it’s always a good idea to pretreat the stain by hand as soon as possible. Stains are especially annoying in white breeches, but no worries: Here you’ll find our best tips on how to remove stains from your white competition gear. Generally speaking, when it comes to stains, being quick is key: The longer the stain sits and dries, the more likely it is to stay there for good. For many stains, an ice cold water soak and rub is an effective first defense, for others you might need to grab the appropriate stain remover and get to work. Be careful to rub the breeches gently so as to not cause any damage or pilling, and to follow the instructions on how to properly use any products. 

Should I wash my breeches inside out? 

Absolutely! Turn your breeches inside out before putting them into the washing machine. This reduces the friction on the outside part of your breeches and protects them from getting caught on other things in the washing machine, like zippers or hooks, which could lead to holes or pilling. Furthermore, turning your breeches inside out reduces color loss from friction and helps keep the breeches’ colors rich and vibrant.

Should I use fabric softener when I wash my breeches? 

Fabric softener? No thanks! While fabric softener may give everyday clothes a nice smell, it’s not the best choice for the fibers in your workout wear. When using a fabric softener, your clothes are coated with a chemical layer. These chemicals will block up the pores in the synthetic materials, reducing their breathability and ability to wick away moisture. Less breathability can lead to a build up of odors in the fabric, and we definitely don’t want any bad smell to stick to our breeches.

Can I put breeches in the dryer? 

Hang on! While tumble drying is super convenient and our breeches can be tumble dried on a low heat setting, it does unfortunately put extra stress on the fibers in your breeches. In the long term, it can lead to fading colors, worn-down fabric and even shrinking. So to be extra gentle to the material, we recommend hanging breeches to dry. If you hang the breeches outside, keep in mind to turn them inside out to prevent fading in the sun. By the way: Your dryer is also a real energy guzzler and therefore not the best option for the environment. Click here to read the best tips for a more climate-smart riding wardrobe!

You see: Taking care of your breeches is not hard, and if you follow this list of tips, you’re set! If you ever have any questions about your breeches from Maya Delorez and on how to take care of them, feel free to drop us a mail at [email protected]. Our customer service team are experts when it comes to taking care of our breeches and will give you all the best tips.

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