Maya Delorez

Care Guide

Take care of your MD products and do the earth a favor at the same time. Read our list with tips 🌱


Thu 9 Sep - 21

Treat Your Products – and Treat Our Planet

Take care of your MD products and do the earth a favor at the same time. To help and inspire, we have put together a list of climate-smart tips for you as a consumer. They may seem like insignificant measures, but we strongly believe that every little helps! One can not do everything, but everyone can do something – and together we can make a difference.


Always Think Twice

Consider your purchases as investments. Before you shop, make sure that you need the products and that they'll be used. When you shop from Maya Delorez, you can always feel confident that our products are designed to last. We also use the same color palette in the designs, so that all our clothes can be matched and used together.


If You Don’t Have to, Don’t Order Multiple Sizes

Online shopping is not quite the same as shopping in physical stores. You don’t get the same opportunity to try the clothes on in a fitting room, and we understand that it can be tricky to find the right size sometimes. If you feel unsure about the sizes, read our size guide or ask our customer service agents for guidance in the chat or via email. They are always happy to help! This way, the climate isn’t exposed to unnecessary transports and emissions when returns are shipped, and you’ll get the right size right away. Win-win!


Care for Your Wear

Take care of your MD products to make them last longer. The label in our clothes contains information about how to wash and care for each product. We always recommend that you turn your breeches inside out before washing them, and close all zippers. Remember that it’s not always necessary to machine-wash your products, sometimes it is enough to air the clothes to freshen them up. Airing is caring!


One Equestrian’s Trash is Another One’s Treasure

Check your own riding wardrobe and be honest when answering the following questions: Do I really use every item in there? Maybe there’s a piece of clothing lying there that's fully functional, but is never worn. If that’s the case - you got yourself the perfect reason to arrange a clothing swap at the stable: invite your friends and swap riding apparel with each other!


Pass It On

At Maya Delorez, we are passionate about making practical, long-lasting clothes that can be passed on from kid to kid, friend to friend and generation to generation. If you or your kids outgrow your MD-clothes, pass them on and make them live longer.