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Four-Way Stretch in Equestrian Wear

All about four-way stretch! Where does the name come from, why is it so special and how do I find the right size in MD clothes with four-way stretch? Read now!


Sun 27 Mar - 22

As a rider you know that comfort is key when it comes to your gear. With the rise of modern synthetic fibers, riding wear made with four-way stretch revolutionized the riding world. But what exactly makes this material so special and why is it perfect for equestrians? Follow on a little four-way stretch 101 and learn about what makes the four-way stretch we use at Maya Delorez so unique.


What is four-way stretch?

First, let's talk about the name. The term "four-way stretch" refers to the ability of the material to stretch in all four directions: up and down, left and right. This means that the fabric will move with your body as you ride, providing a comfortable and unrestricted fit. The secret behind the stretchiness of the material is the addition of spandex or elastane to the fabric blend, which makes the material not only flexible but also durable, breathable, and quick drying. And because the fabric can stretch in multiple directions, you'll find that it will conform to your body, rather than the other way around. You'll be able to move freely and easily, without worrying about your clothes restricting your movements or riding.


Why is four-way stretch so great for riding?

For starters, it provides a snug fit without feeling restrictive. You as an equestrian athlete know best how important it is to be able to move freely in the saddle, and a pair of four-way stretch breeches or a top made with four-way stretch guarantees you full range of motion. And because they're made from breathable materials, you won't have to worry about overheating or getting too sweaty during your ride. Plus, if you do get a little damp, the quick drying fabric will help you stay comfortable all day long.


How to find the right size in Maya Delorez’ four-way stretch products

At Maya Delorez, all breeches and most of our tops are made with a four-way-stretch blend. When shopping for products made with four-way stretch, you might notice that traditional measurements aren't always the most helpful: Due to their stretchy nature, the garments often look and measure smaller before putting them on. However, they will stretch to adapt to you and the same size can actually fit a wide range of body shapes and sizes. 

To find the right size, it's recommended to choose the size you usually wear in your everyday clothes and compare that with our size guide. When trying on our breeches, they should fit snugly without feeling too tight or pinching anywhere. A snug fit will ensure that the breeches won't move around while you're in the saddle, giving you the confidence and comfort you need to focus on your ride.

So when you see four-way stretch anywhere in our shop, you can be certain that the item you’re checking out…

  • is flexible and stretchy,

  • will adapt to your individual body shape and leg length,

  • is breathable and quick drying


  • is highly durable.


If you have any questions about our breeches or materials before shopping, please feel free to contact us in our live chat or drop us an email. We’ll help you right away to find the perfect option for you!

By the way: Are you wondering how to wash your breeches with four-way stretch? Check out our breeches washing guide to learn about what to keep in mind when washing clothes with four-way stretch.