Bestsellers for a Reason:

Function Breeches

Never before has it been this easy to rock both a stylish look and a comfortable fit at the stable. Our popular Function series is made with a wonderful four-way stretch that gives you full freedom of movement and seamless comfort. It’s time to talk Function!

Function Characteristics You Might Want to Know About:

Super High-Rise

The Function Series features an extra high-rise waist for superior comfort and a great fit.

Phone Pocket

The model has phone-friendly pockets on each thigh that won't get in the way of your movements or cause any discomfort.

Super Wide Waistband

Our Function Breeches are provided with an extra wide comfort waistband, resulting in excellent support for your core.

Four-way Stretch

Our Function Breeches are made with revolutionary four-way stretch for unmatched flexibility and maximum freedom of movement. This fabric provides a snug fit without feeling restrictive.

The Mother of Breeches

Good news for all the moms-to-be – Function comes as Maternity Breeches. Our Maternity Function Breeches effortlessly adapt to your body during pregnancy thanks to their flexible material and cut, offering you comfort and support when you need it the most.

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FAQ of Function

Below, we have collected some of the most frequently asked questions we receive about the Function Series. Keep reading for all the details!

What are the Function Breeches like in size?

Our Function Breeches are crafted from a flexible four-way stretch material that adapts to your body shape and length. With this in mind, we would advise you to downsize if you find yourself between two sizes.

Will Function stretch out over time?

Don’t be discouraged if your Function Breeches appear small at first glance – they will adjust perfectly to your body shape and length after just a few uses. At the same time the four-way stretch ensures they maintain their quality and durability.

Is there a risk of the Function Breeches sliding down, considering that they cannot be worn with a belt?

No, thanks to the extra high and wide waistband, you won't miss your belt when wearing these!

How should I care for my Function Breeches?

We recommend cold washing all our breeches at 30°C. Function Breeches are not to be bleached or ironed and should be tumble-dried at a low temperature. 

Follow the washing instructions on the label inside the waistband of your item. These instructions are also listed under each product on our website. Need a more elaborate washing guide? Click here.

How do the Function Breeches hold up during the winter?

The material of our Function Breeches is quite thin and may not provide enough warmth during the winter season. When the winter approaches, we recommend considering our winter breeches, which feature brushed fleece on the inside to keep you warm.

How do I choose the correct size for Maternity Function Breeches?

Just like our non-maternity Function Breeches adapt to your body, our Maternity Function Breeches will do the same. These breeches expand in size along with your belly. If you're unsure whether they will accommodate your belly comfortably, we recommend sizing up.

For more information on the shape and fit of our Maternity Function Breeches, please check out the reviews on the product page

More Function Details:

Non-negotiable Comfort

Who said you can't feel comfortable while looking stylish? Our Function Breeches are bestsellers for a reason – they give you the best of both worlds.


Choose between full seat, half seat or no grip. We use a silicone grip, which guarantees excellent adhesion and makes it easier to stabilize the seat. Unlike more traditional types of grip, it also allows for unrestricted freedom of movement.


Function Breeches come in multiple colors, such as burgundy, brown, gray, khaki green, cobalt blue, black, and white.