Joe Stockdale's

Best Show Preparation Tips

Show jumper Joe Stockdale shares his best show preparation tips.


Thu 25 May - 23

Preparing for a competition is not always an easy task to undertake. Especially not at the start of your riding career. What is important to think about to optimize your conditions on the day of competition? Joe Stockdale has grown up around horses and has been a competitive rider since childhood here he lists his best tips.


1. First and foremost, make sure your horse is fit enough.

Joe's first tip is about ensuring that both you and your horse are sufficiently trained for the competition and that you arrive prepared to the competition venue. Regardless of the discipline, it is important that you both feel ready and comfortable with the task.

2. Make sure to be on time to avoid stress. Leave plenty of time for everything and try to keep as much the same as your usual routine for the horse.

Something that Joe also underlines is the importance of not stressing during the competition day. Time pressure can affect both you and your horse very negatively, and steal focus from your performance. Be sure to prepare as much as possible in advance and make sure you have time to spare, just in case something unexpected happens.

3. Train variedly with your horse. For example, by mixing sessions on the riding track with hacking out.

Joe's third tip before competition is to train variedly and avoid riding only on the riding track. Riding varied has several advantages. In addition to creating a durable horse and reducing the risk of wear and tear injuries, it is also a good way to make training more enjoyable. In addition to hacking out, lunging, climbing, and long-reining can be ways to create variety in the training schedule.

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