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We are starting the year by broadening our range and expanding the Young Rider collection. Hello and welcome to YR Boys – we have longed for you! 

The drop consists of the popular and bestselling staples from our men’s collection, made in collaboration with professional rider Carl Hedin. Carefully designed to meet the needs of active riders and to cope with the different environments equestrian sport entails. Clothes that are versatile and comfortable, without compromising on quality and style. Nice, huh?

Same products now in smaller sizes

Last year, we launched the men’s collection together with Carl. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, which we are very proud of! We know that there has been a gap in the market for a long time when it comes to functional and sporty riding clothes for men. So it was important to us that the collection would come out as good, functional and of course – useful. 

Due to the positive reception, we decided early on that the clothes would have a place in the YR collection and be available in smaller sizes. We believe that all riders deserve great riding equipment, regardless of age.

Breeches for boys

Apart from stable-friendly hoodies and tops, the drop also contains our bestselling breeches. Functional and innovatively designed breeches have become Maya Delorez’ signum. So it was a matter of course to include the Cargo and Sport breeches in the Young Rider-collection. 

Practical design combined with an outstanding four-way stretch makes the breeches comfortable to wear, without causing discomfort or limiting range of motion. The fabric is appreciated among our customers due to its adaptiveness to different bodies, regardless of shape and height. Making them a perfect option for bodies that grow and legs that are getting longer.

Size guidelines

The YR clothes come in the sizes 4XS to XS, see the explanatory table below. We know that it can be challenging to find the right size and if you feel unsure, never hesitate to contact our customer service agents via the chat or by mailing [email protected]

  • 4XS  (122 – 134cm) 
  • 3XS (134 – 146cm)
  • 2XS (146 – 158cm) 
  • XS (158 – 176cm) 

 And hey, regarding the length of the breeches. No need to worry about that! All our breeches are made with a four-way stretch material that adapts to the body shape as well as the leg length. 

Responsible young riders

Our Young Rider collection is timeless and designed in a neutral color palette, easy to mix and match. At Maya Delorez, we are passionate about making practical, long-lasting clothes that can be passed on from kid to kid, generation to generation. Our clothes want to be used for a long time, so if your kid outgrows its Maya Delorez-clothes, they can easily be passed on to siblings or other young equestrians.