New Ambassador for Maya Delorez

Nina Rademaekers

It’s official! We can finally announce the exciting news that the professional rider and social media figure Nina Rademaekers is Maya Delorez’ new ambassador.


Wed 21 Apr - 21

Talented Equestrian and Social Media Profile

I’ve barely taken off my Maya Delorez clothes since I’ve tried them on for the first time. Therefore it just feels so right and amazing to be a Maya Delorez Ambassador now!

The professional rider Nina Rademaekers is a true multitasking talent. To some she’s better known as “Ninas Rader”, her social media nickname and the name of her blog that she has had since 2012. Today, Nina makes a living entirely from her social media, where she shares her life as a competitive dressage rider. A life followed by equestrians all over the world. On Instagram, Nina has long surpassed 100K followers, which makes her one of Sweden’s biggest equestrian influencers. 

Nina has been an avid horse girl since an early age. When she was 10 years old she got her first pony Enya, with whom she competed at the Swedish dressage championship only 3 years after. It was the beginning of what would become a successful competition career and Nina has today competed in the dressage national team as a junior rider, young rider, U25 and then senior.

In the autumn of 2019, Nina bought her new future prospect, the 6-year-old gelding ‘Impress Me’. According to Nina, Melvin, as the gelding is also called, is “a sensitive horse, but with an incredible amount of power”. We at Maya Delorez agree: Nina and Melvin are a dream duo and definitely a team to keep an eye on in the future.

At Maya Delorez, we appreciate Nina’s incredibly professional attitude, not only in her competitive efforts but also in a professional context. Combined with her good horsemanship and exemplary attitude as an equestrian, it makes her a role model for both young and more experienced riders. We are incredibly proud to present this ambassadorship and we are looking forward to our collaboration!

“I’m thrilled that Nina is Maya Delorez’ new Brand Ambassador! I have been following Nina for many years now and have seen her skyrocketing development in both equestrian sports and social media. In addition to being a successful rider and entrepreneur, I see Nina as an important role model, as well. A role model when it comes to daring to break away from traditional paths to follow your dreams. By doing her own thing, Nina has single-handedly built a strong brand that is now the basis of what she does for a living. It’s inspiring!”  – Madelene Törnblom CEO & Founder Maya Delorez 

About Nina Rademaekers

  • Age: 30

  • Lives in: Stockholm, Sweden

  • Occupation: Professional rider and Influencer

  • Instagram account: @ninasrader

“It’s an honor for me to be able to work with such a modern, innovative and athletic company like Maya Delorez! I wear their clothes on a daily basis and I love the quality, the fit and the design. One of my absolute favorites are their Compression Breeches, which give such a great feeling in the saddle. I look forward to many exciting projects together in the future! ” – Nina Rademaekers

3 Questions with Nina

Before the launch of our collaboration, we took the opportunity to borrow Nina for a short chat. Among other things, we talked about how Nina’s everyday life looks like at the moment, about her plans for 2021 and what she’s most looking forward to this year.

We have all been living in very particular times this last year, the pandemic has affected us all one way or the other. So what does a normal day in Nina Rademaeker’s life look like right now?

Usually I go to the stable in the morning to ride and take care of Melvin. Either I have training, or I ride by myself, it varies a bit. After that I go home again for lunch. Then I usually work with my social media in the afternoons and go for a long walk with the dogs. To some extent, I can arrange my working days as I want, that’s what’s so nice about working with social media. Usually I am most productive after dinner. That’s when I like to sit down and edit videos or pictures and such. I would say that I am more of an afternoon and evening worker, so I am usually in the stable in the morning.

Besides the collaboration we are now launching together, do you have anything exciting planned going forward?

Due to the pandemic and the EHV1 outbreak a lot has been canceled this year. The Gothenburg Horse Show, for example. This would have been the third year that I worked with them and their social media, but it was unfortunately canceled due to the horse virus. Many things feel really uncertain this year, usually a lot has been planned in connection with these events and now everything was put on hold. But something I’m really hoping to be able to do is to compete with Melvin for the first time. That’s going to be so much fun!

If we want to follow your journey, where can we find you?

I’m active on Instagram, my account there is @Ninasrader. Then I also have my blog, a podcast and a Youtube channel. So I’m active on quite a few platforms. Maybe you’re feeling bored, then you can watch a Youtube video, if you’re in the mood to read, you can turn to the blog. If you’re doing something else on the side, you can listen to the podcast and so on. You basically don’t have to be without me for a second if you don’t want to, haha!

Fun fact: Nina’s grandpa was from the Netherlands and that’s where her last name comes from. Maybe that’s why Nina and her Dutch warmblood Melvin are such a good match? 

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