Joe Stockdale

Joe is the son of Olympic Showjumper Tim Stockdale and one of Great Britain's young talents. Let’s get to know him a bit better.


Wed 9 Nov - 22

Joe is an international showjumper based in the United Kingdom. Being the son of Olympic Showjumper Tim Stockdale, Joe was brought up around horses and has been riding his entire life. In the beginning, he balanced his two major interests: Cricket and Showjumping. The plan was to head out to Australia after graduating from school and pursue a career in professional cricket. But when his father was diagnosed with cancer in 2018, the plans suddenly changed. Joe gave up cricket and decided to change career path and follow his father’s footsteps as a professional showjumper. 

Today, Joe is a rising star to say the least. Thanks to a string of world-class performances, he was the youngest of four showjumpers picked to represent the UK in the World Championships 2022 in Herning, Denmark, bringing home a team bronze medal. We are beyond excited to see what the future holds for this upcoming star.


About Joe Stockdale

  • Age: Born in 1999 (24 years old)

  • Lives in: United Kingdom

  • Occupation: Showjumper

  • Instagram & TikTok: joe_stockdale



For someone who doesn’t know, who is Joe Stockdale?

I am a 24 year old international showjumper based in the UK.


When did you first come in contact with horses? 

My Dad was an Olympic showjumper, so I was brought up around horses. However, in the beginning, I only really rode for fun. I started in the Oakley Hunt West Pony Club when I was four years old on a pony called Miss Muffet. During the Pony Club years, I competed in tetrathlon and showjumping teams and was in the Mounted Games Team at the Horse of the Year Show in 2013. When I was twelve I moved onto horses, but at that time, my real passion was Cricket.

When did you begin to focus on showjumping? 

I qualified for the Horse of the Year Show in 2018 on my 15.2h grey Stallion, Gunner. My Dad was ill at the time, so I also took some of his horses. I was due to go to Australia for the winter to play cricket but circumstances and the support from owners, following my success at HOYS, meant that I took over the horses and the yard and that was the start of my professional show jumping career.


What is your typical day like? 

A typical day starts around 07:30 feeding the horses, then mucking out and riding.

The horses have a rotation of work depending upon what stage they are at and then will be turned out later. After lunch, I will ride if there is any more to do, teach clients or help around the yard with maintenance. If I have meetings or filming, I try to plan that into the afternoon too.


What keeps you motivated in this sport? 

The development of each horse motivates me.


What are your top tips for young equestrians out there who dream of a successful competitive career in equestrian sports? 

Never give up, there is no such word as can't! Flatwork is important. It's all about hard work and dedication whilst listening to your horse.


What are your top goals at the moment?

Hopefully, the Europeans in 2023 and the Olympics in 2024.


Do you have anything you’re particularly excited about planned in the future?

Also looking forward to the Geneva Horse Show and London International Horse Show in December.


Which are your favorite MD products? 

The Sport Breeches are my favorite, they are so comfortable, have good pockets and work really well every day around the yard as well as at shows!

As a professional rider, the clothes I wear every day need to be comfortable and functional as well as perform well and look good at a show. They also need to be hard wearing and to work in all climates. I am happy and proud to be wearing Maya Delorez’ breeches.