Ambassador Announcement:

Carl Hedin

We can finally announce the exciting news – professional rider and entrepreneur Carl Hedin will be a Maya Delorez ambassador!


Mon 15 Mar - 21

“It feels fantastic to be able to work with a young and innovative brand such as Maya Delorez.

– Carl Hedin

The Successful Rider and Social Media Personality

Carl Hedin has, to say the least, taken the equestrian world by storm. Through his Instagram account @hedincarl, over 280k followers from all over the world follow Carl’s everyday life in the stable in Särö. His feed consists of everything from serious training sessions and competitions to resourceful TikTok’s and fun videos with the team and the animals in the stable. And it is precisely this, Carl’s ability to balance and showcase both the professional and serious equestrian life as well as the everyday life in the stable, that makes him such an appreciated equestrian figure on social media.

The Perfect Match

Thanks to his good horsemanship and determined personality, we consider Carl a great role model for other riders and a name to be reckoned with in equestrian sports for a long time to come. That is why we are incredibly proud to present this collaboration that we are now starting together.

As a rider and entrepreneur, Carl is the perfect ambassador for us. As a brand, we want to develop the sport and challenge the traditional, just like Carl does. He is a role model for young riders since he shows good horsemanship while inspiring as an elite rider. He is proof that hard work pays off, says Madelene Törnblom, founder and CEO of Maya Delorez.


About Carl Hedin

  • Age: Born in 1991

  • Lives in: Särö, south of Gothenburg

  • Occupation: Professional rider and entrepreneur

  • Hidden talent: Can sing with his mouth closed

  • Instagram account: @hedincarl


“For me, Maya Delorez is an innovative, ground-breaking brand – which caters to a very sports-oriented niche. I think that’s cool, and that was also what made the collaboration feel like such a good match. As a company, they stand for what I represent in equestrian sports, which is important to me ”

– Carl Hedin

Three Questions with Carl

We took the opportunity for a short chat with Carl, where he tells us, among other things, how he manages to do so much and what he looks forward to in 2021.

Carl, you ride several horses a day, train and compete at a professional Grand Prix level, run the company Eques Management and also update your social channels continuously with well-thought-out quality content. Tell me, how do you do it?

Well, first and foremost, I think you either live to work, or work to live – and I do the former. I love my job and think it’s great fun, which makes it feel like it doesn’t take up so much time. Because when you do things that are fun, you don’t think so much about it, it just happens. But then practically speaking, I have a fantastic team of people around me. They help me to film, but also free me from a lot of work in the stables – so I can work more with the horses, social media and even sit in meetings, as with you right now. So that’s probably the key to making it work, to have good people around.

Apart from the ambassadorship with us, do you have anything exciting planned going forward?

I look forward to most of the Swedish population being vaccinated so we can start returning to some form of normalcy, of course. But apart from that, right now I probably have the best horses I have ever had, ranging from all ages. From three-year-olds up to eight-year-olds who compete at the highest level. So I’m really looking forward to developing them. And not just at competitions but also from home, and to create a stable with horses that will be competitive in the future.

Exciting! If we want to follow your journey, where can we find you?

If you want to, the easiest way to find me is on Instagram under @hedincarl.

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