New MD Team Rider


Our team rider-family continues to grow and we are proud to present the latest addition to the gang. Everyone, say hi to the American showjumper Alise Oken! 👋

Hi Alise! For someone who doesn’t know, who is Alise Oken?
“I’m an American show jumper from North Carolina who has always loved horses and wanted them to be a part of my life. I feel very lucky that I am able to work with them everyday as my job!“

When did you come in contact with horses for the first time?
“I was always obsessed with horses from a young age, however I didn’t sit on one until I was 11 at summer camp. After that I was hooked and begged my parents to find a barn that could give me riding lessons.“

How come you chose to focus on showjumping? Has it always been like that? 
“I actually started out as a hunter rider and did that for many years until I was 21, after that I focused on show jumping full time.“

“For a long time I was searching for a company that embodied what I believe equestrian apparel should represent and Maya Delorez is that brand.

Where do you train and keep your horses?
“From November to April we are based in Wellington, Florida for the WEF winter circuit, competing there until Spring. Then we ship the horses over to Europe and are based near Maastricht, Netherlands for the remainder of the year.“

What is your typical day like? 
“When I’m riding I always like to start my morning with a yoga session. I think it helps immensely with waking the body up and starting my day off on the right track. Then I head to the barn and check in with the horses and my team, and if everything is good then I start riding. Usually I ride between 4-6 horses, it just depends on what we have planned for them that day, whether it’s flat work, trail riding or jumping. I like to stay at the barn until the horses are fed in the afternoon, after that I head home. My afternoons can be varied, sometimes I’m still showing, or I play golf/tennis, or I’m running errands. After dinner out or at home, I like to end the day reading a book on my Kindle and then it’s off to bed!“

What is your long-term goal in equestrian sports?
“To be as consistent as possible, to continue to develop young horses, and represent the US at the highest level.“

Do you have anything exciting planned going forward? Something you are particularly excited about?
“I’m excited about the current string of horses I have, they are all at an old enough age now to jump at the bigger levels. The summer in Europe should be exciting!“

How do you prepare yourself for a competition? Can you give us your best tips?
“The best preparation for a show is done at home! I think constant practice at home, whether that be flat work or jumping exercises makes a good performance at a show come so much easier! Also making sure your horses feel their best before a show is so important. As a rider it’s my job to listen to the horse and to know when they are ready or not to compete.“

Lastly, we are thrilled to finally have you as a part of our Team Rider-fam! How do you feel about starting this collaboration?
“I am so excited to represent Maya Delorez! For a long time I was searching for a company that embodied what I believe equestrian apparel should represent and Maya is that brand. Their clothes are comfortable, stylish but functional. I’m excited to see what the summer has in store!“

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