Interview with Madelene

About Adele Show Jacket

It is finally here! The show jacket you’ve all been waiting for.


Sun 20 Feb - 22

Our founder and designer Madelene Törnblom has been working on Adele for three years. The result turned out exactly the way she wanted, but the process has been challenging to say the least. Read our quick chat with her about the design process – from sketching to launching Maya Delorez’ first show jacket ever. 

 Madelene, can you tell us about Adele?

Adele is Maya Delorez’ first show jacket ever, so it’s kind of a big deal for us. We receive questions every week about when we’ll launch a show jacket, so I definitely think that our community agrees. It’s absolutely one of our most awaited product launches, and I’m so excited to finally be able to show her to you all. It took some time, but she turned out exactly the way I wanted.

Why did you decide to make a show jacket?

My ambition has always been to offer a show jacket as part of Maya Delorez’ range and I started to work on the design almost three years ago. As with riding apparel in general, I have experienced that there’s been a lack of functional and trendy alternatives on the market. I wanted to provide competing equestrians with a show jacket that’s adapted to the sport, endures different environments, looks good and feels even better.

It took you three years to make the jacket, why did it take so long? What was important for you during the process? Did you encounter setbacks?

The reason why it took almost three years is because I wanted it to be just right. I wasn’t gonna settle with “just good”. To me, it was really important that our show jacket met high standards and came with the most perfect fit – and the fabric is key to achieve that.

I actually found a material that met all my requirements at a fair in Germany several years ago. After that, I’ve tried to recreate the material and it was not an easy job. I’ve been in contact with several factories and material tests have been sent back and forth, but no factory seemed to be able to make the exact fabric I was looking for. I had to remind myself to not stress, stay patient and wait for the right material to appear. And then, finally, it did! 

The material was definitely the most challenging part about making the jacket. I've had the design finished inside my head for a long time. 

What characterizes the design?

At first glance, it may not look very remarkable. But believe me when I say: This jacket must be experienced! The design is tasteful and classy with a nice, tailored fit. No distinctive or colorful details. I wanted it to be like the rest of the Maya Delorez range: Stylish, timeless and highly functional. The four-way stretch material together with carefully placed seams gives an incredible fit, a nice silhouette and full freedom of movement.

The jacket comes in the color black – will there be more colors?

Well, we have not fully decided yet, what do you think? What color would you like?

How is the fit? Size guidelines?

The show jacket is normal in size. Keep in mind that it has a close and more tailored fit that follows the contours of the body.

How thrilled are you about the launch?

I am beyond excited(!!) and I can’t wait to hear what you all think about her. I hope to see some Adele Show Jackets in action at competitions this spring!