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Johanna Klatte

One of the youngest talents on the MD Team: Johanna Klatte, a skilled young show jumper from Lastrup, Germany. Read the interview >


Tue 9 Jan - 24

One of the youngest talents on the MD Team is Johanna Klatte, a skilled young show jumper from Lastrup, Germany. Born into the esteemed stud farm Klatte, to Henrik and Alexandra Klatte, her love for equestrian sports was practically woven into her DNA. While the foundation was laid by her family, Johanna has crafted her success through determination and rigorous training. Let's dive into the world of this promising young talent!


About Johanna

  • Name: Johanna Klatte

  • Date of Birth: November 4, 2011

  • Lives in: Lastrup, Germany

  • Discipline: Show Jumping, Member of the Pony State Team Weser-Ems


Johanna's equestrian journey kicked off at the tender age of three, on a small Shetty named Bobby, who’s still at home at Klattes' stable. Growing up in a family that manages one of Germany's oldest stallion stations, Johanna was immersed in the world of horses and riding from day one. She shares, "My parents run one of the oldest stallion stations in Germany, spanning nine generations. So, I grew up around horses and riding was a natural part of my life."

Currently, Johanna competes on D‘ Agostinos Kid (Daggy) and Queenie B. Her significant triumphs include winning the Weser-Ems Championship with Daggy and securing impressive podium positions at medium level classes. With Queenie, she has notched numerous novice-level victories and claimed the silver medal at the Oldenburg Regional Championship. How would Johanna describe her horses? "Daggy is my fun partner, and Queenie is my crazy partner," she reveals in our interview.

Beyond her involvement in equestrian sports, Johanna is currently in the sixth grade at a Gymnasium (secondary school in Germany). How does she find the time to balance her education and her high-level riding?

"I'm usually lucky to have no afternoon classes, allowing me to fully focus on my ponies," Johanna shares.

When she does have to study, her mother steps in to assist, taking care of the ponies while Johanna hits the books. After riding, Johanna occasionally helps with feeding the numerous horses in the stable. While she doesn't have specific assigned tasks, she enjoys lending a helping hand in the stable, especially on weekends.

Johanna looks up to many figures in the equestrian world, finding it challenging to pick just one:

"I have many role models; I find it admirable how the top riders navigate the challenging courses with their horses."


When asked what she’s most proud of, she tells us that she takes immense pride in her ponies, her supportive family, and the team.

Peering into the future, Johanna has her sights set on participating in the German Championships and dreams of representing her country in pony show jumping. For the future when she’ll ride larger horses, she has a clear objective: Breaking into the top 200 of the world rankings.

At Maya Delorez, we have no doubt that Johanna will conquer every goal she sets for herself. We are proud to have such young talent on our team.

"I love all Maya Delorez products, but my absolute favorites are the YR Admira Compression Breeches."

- Johanna Klatte, MD Team Rider


Finish the Sentence…

I love eating… Hamburgers. 🍔
A person I'd love to meet is… Jana Wargers.
My favorite task in the stable is… Riding.
When I finish school, I want to… Become a veterinarian maybe, like my mom.
My all-time favorite movie is… Windstorm (German: Ostwind). 🐎