Equestrian Workout

Part 1: Strength Training

Full-body exercises for equestrians that help you improve your strength and seat in the saddle.


Wed 1 Mar - 23

We’ve probably all had times in the saddle or in our daily barn work where we wished we’d had more strength, right? As equestrians, we’re generally mindful of our horses' well-being, strengths, and weaknesses – but what about us equestrians? What can we as athletes do to improve our riding skills further through training? That’s what we’re diving into in our mini-series of two parts, with the help of Emilia, personal trainer and Maya Delorez' very own fitness pro. Let’s go!

Why is it important to work out as an equestrian?

To be able to perform your very best as an equestrian, it takes strength, flexibility and fitness. By doing strength training you can avoid injuries, have more stamina in the saddle, improve your seat and additionally become more balanced in your own body strength - all of which are obvious benefits for you, your horse, and you as a team.

Here are three full-body exercises for riders that are perfect for those who either want to start training or those who already do strength training but want to add additional exercises to their routine. The goal? To improve your strength and seat in the saddle!


Great for: Practically every major muscle group. Above all, the exercise strengthens the muscles in your posterior chain – back thighs, glutes and back! Even your core gets a good workout.

How to: Keep the bar as close to your body as possible, bring your shoulders back so you don't "arch" your back, and try to find your core support.


Great for: Strength, explosiveness, and coordination throughout your body. This exercise is particularly tough for the legs and shoulders!

How to: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, keep your core engaged, and use your legs to push the weights up. Start with an appropriate weight so you can focus on your technique.

Plank with side-to-side ball roll

Great for: The core muscles (stomach, lower back & pelvis)

How to: Find your balance with a strong and stable core by tightening your abs, then roll the ball under you from one hand to the other.