Simone Pearce’s Tips For

Dealing with Competition Nerves

Simone shares her tips for dealing with competition nerves – and why she thinks feeling nervous can be a good thing.


Mon 17 Jun - 24

Simone Pearce is an accomplished dressage rider and Olympic athlete. Here, she shares how she deals with competition nerves.  

Embracing the feeling 

It can be good to take some steps to minimize unnecessary stress. For example, by making sure that you have enough time on show day so you’re not rushing to get things done. It can also be good to have a plan for how to warm up with your horse. But even with all the preparations in the world – you might feel nervous. Simone says that it’s important to remember that feeling nervous doesn’t mean that there is something wrong. The feeling also doesn’t need to be eliminated fully. Instead, it can be used to elevate your senses, Simone says.


“I would say if you’re feeling nervous, try to harness that feeling and use it to elevate your senses and channel your strengths.”


So, how do you embrace and harness the feeling? 

It’s about perspective

Feeling the pressure before a competition can be nerve wracking but nervosity comes from a place of caring – if we feel nervous, it’s because we want to do well. That’s a good thing. Simone describes that this is why she likes feeling a little bit nervous before competing. 

“It means that I believe in myself and my horse and I’m ready to give my all for achieving our success.” 

So, if you’re feeling nervousness kick in - it can be helpful to try and shift your perspective and think of nerves as confirmation that you care and that you’re ready to give it your all. 

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