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Anastasia Bondarieva

Get to know Anastasia: a young and talented show jumper from Ukraine, now based in Belgium.


Sun 30 Jun - 24

Meet Anastasia 🤝 an ambitious showjumper whose passion for horses began on a family holiday in Spain. Ever since she has dedicated herself to the sport. Through rigorous training, meticulous planning, and mental fortitude, she aims to compete at the highest levels. Anastasia is driven by the sport's challenges and is committed to inspiring others while contributing to the equestrian community.

Anastasia Bondarieva

  • Age: Born on May 19, 2003 

  • Lives in: Antwerp, Belgium

  • Discipline: Showjumping

  • Competing for: Ukraine

  • Instagram: @anastasia_bondarieva

For someone who does not know you, how would you describe Anastasia?
– They would most likely say, ambitious, strong, stressed at times yet friendly (hopefully)! 

When did you come in contact with horses for the first time?
– On a family holiday in Spain, we went riding in Estepona, Escuela de Arte. My whole family fell in love with horses there and I’ll always cherish those memories in that pony club. 

When did you begin to focus on showjumping?
– I’ve always taken the sport seriously, I was lucky enough to have good horses throughout my youth career, so I think that kept me very focused. However, I think maybe at the end of my junior years I had to make some serious decisions regarding my educational ambitions and that’s when I knew that primarily my focus would be on riding in the next coming years.

Equestrian-related or not, who or what inspired you?
– Equestrian - Meredith Michaels-Berbaum. She’s an extremely inspiring woman in our sport, who has accomplished incredible things with a brilliant mentality that influences our sport to this day. I look up to her immensely. 

Non equestrian I would have to say my father. He’s a great example of strength in life. 

What keeps you motivated in this sport?
– Honestly and truly, the wild ups and downs of our sport. They make you stronger, almost resilient. You grow and develop, not just as an athlete but also as a person. Of course, good results and visible progress keep you going. 

What have been some game-changers in your riding career?
– A thing that made a big difference in my riding is strengthening my mental game. It’s the biggest challenge in our sport I think and it’s so important to train your mind to be strong. 

What is your typical day like?
– I start my day with coffee, trying to get a short workout in before having a quick breakfast and heading to the stables. I like to dedicate the first half of my day to riding, then, the second half of my day is left for any work that must be done, or studying, or paperwork related to horses that must be completed. 

There is a lot of planning and organizing that goes into riding. Our sport is not just about getting on the horse and jumping it. It’s equally important to keep track of all of the boring things too such as show planning, keeping track of vet/farrier/physio appointments, making sure all of our paperwork is done well, and of course, managing your team. Every day is a little bit different with horses, but this is the general layout I stick with. 

“I aim to inspire others in the equestrian community”

What is your long-term goal in equestrian sports?
– My long-term goal in equestrian sports is to continuously improve my skills and compete at the highest levels, all while exploring the training side of it. I aim to inspire others in the equestrian community, promote the sport, and contribute to its growth and recognition globally.

Which are your favorite MD products?
– My personal favorite is probably the Teddy Jacket.

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