Get to Know the Inspirational Powerhouse

Alena Starr

Introducing Alena Starr – a true powerhouse, balancing her life as a dressage rider, architect and mom, and owner of Westphalian Stables


Wed 7 Feb - 24

Introducing Alena Starr – a true powerhouse, balancing her life as a dressage rider, architect and mom. She is also the founder and owner of Westphalian Stables, a distinguished breeding, training, and sales facility for dressage horses situated in Riesenbeck, Germany. Alena started her equestrian journey in 2011 and has since crafted an inspiring path. Her dedication to horses, architecture, and her family shines through. The key to her success? Pure love for what she does.

We are very proud to have her as a part of our team and look forward to following her on her journey ahead 🚀


“Joining MD Team is not just a collaboration; it's a privilege and an opportunity I'm grateful for. I admire the hard work of the MD crew and am super excited to be part of the team. I see it as a great opportunity and feel privileged to represent my favorite brand. It gives me extra power!”


About Alena

  • Age: 36 (Born on February 1, 1988)

  • Lives in: Riesenbeck, Germany

  • Occupation: Armenian dressage rider based in Germany

  • Instagram: @alena.starr


For someone who does not know you, how would you describe Alena Starr?

For people who do not know me, I would describe myself as a focused girl always wearing black, with a huge passion for horses. I thrive on paying attention to details. Whether it's in my work or personal projects, I believe that the little things can make a significant difference.


When did you come in contact with horses for the first time?

I wasn’t born into a horse family, but horses have always been my favorite and spirit animal. I dreamed of riding and owning a horse all my life but only got the chance to start riding in 2011.


When did you begin to focus on dressage? 

I did start riding quite late, bought my first horse in 2012, and moved to Germany the same year. I loved dressage at first sight and never considered a different discipline.


Could you tell us about Westphalian Stables?

When it became clear that Germany’s equestrian scene was the place to be, I decided to stay long-term and started looking for a place to call 'home.' My initial idea was to build a sports facility that would be different from other stables. I have high standards, and I wanted to bring all my ideas to fruition. I’m fortunate to study architecture, which allowed me to combine my love for horses and my architectural style. I place special importance on the details in everything we do because it’s the details that are important when one is helping horses be in top form and achieve top results. My role is to ride my horses or horses from my horse owners, work with the clients, make the daily plan, manage the horses, and lead the team.

Balancing ownership of a stable, competing in high-level dressage, being an architect and a mom; how do you successfully manage such demanding and diverse responsibilities?

Haha, the key is loving what you’re doing. It is demanding, but I find joy in it. I have created my dream life, surrounded by an incredible team and supported by my husband, enabling me to manage everything.


What is your typical day like?
  • I wake up at 07:00, have breakfast, and prepare my daughter for kindergarten.

  • Around 08-08:30 I start riding and ride until 12:30.

  • Between 12:30 and 14:00 I help my assistant rider with young horses and have lunch.

  • After 14:00 I usually ride or lunge, drive around scouting horses, or give lessons.

  • Between 17:00 and 20:00 I spend time with my daughter and husband, we play, paint, bake or ride the pony and have dinner.

  • After 20:00 when my daughter goes to bed, I usually do some office stuff or work on my architectural projects. I have a company called Stable Studios and I focus on planning and building equestrian facilities. 

  • I go to bed around 24:00-01:00.


What is your long-term goal in equestrian sports?

Looking into my future and equestrian sport, my long-term goal is to be a better rider and create the best possible environment for my horses, ensuring their happiness and health.


What are some of the challenges you have faced, and the lessons you have learned throughout your career?

The main lesson is that you have to learn from your own mistakes because, without mistakes, progress can’t be made. And in the end, everything is about progress, not perfection. I always try to focus on my journey and not compare myself with others.


“Without mistakes, progress can’t be made”


Do you have anything special planned going forward? Something you are particularly excited about?

I’m super excited about being an MD team rider. I’m looking forward to the summer competition season, and I have some exciting horses to compete with.


Which are your favorite MD products?

Among the MD products, the Admira Compression Breeches – my absolute favorite. From the first day I tried them on, I literally wear them every day. Their combination with Nora Air Mesh Shirt and Rio Padded Vest is fantastic!