Get ready for show season

How Our Team Riders Prepare for Competition

Show season is getting closer, are you excited? 😍 We are! So excited that we couldn't help asking our team riders for their tips on how to prepare for a competition.


Wed 20 Apr - 22

“My preparation depends on what I’m trying to achieve at a specific event. Sometimes I go to shows in order to train certain things and other times to really compete and win. Regardless, my aim is always for both the horses and me to learn something - whether it’s something positive or negative. I like to come away from a show having something to work on and/or towards.
In general, I don’t school much at home, as I tend to focus mainly on the flatwork. I trust the quality of my horses when it comes to fences, so I work on keeping them relaxed and working well through their bodies.”

- Ioli Mytilineou 

“Before a competition, I prepare by training my horses with the tasks they’ll be doing, so they recognize it on show day and know what to do. I prioritize getting enough sleep and food, as well as having as much time as necessary to avoid stress. In addition to that, I always follow my routines. That keeps me calm.” - Johanna

“I watch my good rounds from previous competitions, I feel that it gives me confidence in myself and my horse ready for the next show.” - Isabella

Simone Pearce's Top Three Tips
  • The more successful you want to be, the more preparation you’ll need. Practice the test and find your weaknesses and try to find the best way to deal with them. I always try to make myself a little “playbook” for the things me and my horses find difficult so that I am equipped to deal with every situation on shows.

  • Don’t get too caught up in the result. Of course, we always want to do our best – and winning is amazing. But we are all on a journey, never at the end result so take each day as it comes and continue aiming to better yourself. Today’s failure could be tomorrow’s success if you are willing to use it and learn from the experience!

  • Have fun!!! That’s why we ride.