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Urheilijat tarvitsevat huppareita, jotka ovat paitsi hyvännäköisiä myös joustavia ja hengittäviä, eikö? Me MD:llä tiedämme tämän! Mallistomme korkealaatuiset hupparit ovat täydellisiä luottovaatteita, jotka täydentävät talliasusi. Jotta voisit liikkua vapaasti, ne on valmistettu joustavista materiaaleista, joissa voit yltää parhaimpaan suoritukseesi. Sporttiset yksityiskohdat sekä käytännölliset ja mukavat mallit. Nyt on aika päivittää asusi uusilla, innovatiivisilla huppareilla! 
Men's riding hoodies - created with the sport in mind

For a long time clothes for riders were made of stiff, thick materials that would limit your range of motion in the saddle. We at MD decided to challenge this traditional way of making riding wear. Our men's hoodies are designed with the challenges of the sport in mind and allow you to maximize your performance when training and competing. We believe that you as a rider need men's riding hoodies that keep what they promise, both during strenuous work around the stables and during sweaty training sessions on horseback. This is why our men's riding hoodies come in an unbeatable combination of high functionality and sporty design. With durable, stretchy and breathable fabrics, we want to make it easy for you to feel comfortable - even in the most challenging situations. Our men's riding hoodies are guaranteed to level-up your outfit game!

"A great addition to my riding wardrobe! Fits incredibly well, I'm really satisfied" – Christian, MD customer.

Sustainable design, sustainable products

For us at MD, great products are about so much more than just a nice design. That's why our men's riding hoodies are timeless, classic pieces that will never go out of style. What's more, we develop our men's riding hoodies in a neutral color scheme that can be worn year after year, so that you don't have to adapt to fast-changing fashion trends all the time. With the durable, functional and high quality fabrics in our men's riding hoodies, we aim at providing products that can be worn season after season. Want to know more about how we at MD work with sustainability when it comes to our men's riding hoodies? Read more about our sustainability work here.

Maybe you want to know more about how you as a customer can act sustainably when shopping our men's riding hoodies? In our Care Guide you will find tips and inspiration on how to take care of your products as best as possible. You can find our Care guide.

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