Etsitkö jotain ainutlaatuista hevosellesi? Mallistomme hevosten otsapannat on suunniteltu niin, että ne sopivat täydellisesti yhteen sinun asusi kanssa. Otsapannoissa on klassinen MD-malli, aivan kuten sinun asussasi. Kaareva muoto korostaa hevosen päätä ja luo elegantin ilmeen, sopii niin harjoituksiin kuin kisoihin. Käsintehty otsapanta hevoselle on saatavana eleganteissa väriyhdistelmissä. Ikonista MD-tyyliä!
Browbands for horses - find your matching look

A clear show jumping round, a flawless dressage test or a fantastic training session. There's not much that beats the feeling when everything just falls into place. The beauty of riding is that it takes two individuals to be successful - it takes a team effort. And we want people to see that you and your horse are a team. That's why we've developed browbands for horses that can be easily matched with our MD products for riders. Our browbands for horses will elevate your team performance both when training and competing. Looking for stylish designs and an elegant finish? Don't miss out on our browbands for horses!

A design classic that will never go out of style

Our browbands for horses are true design classics that will help you nail an elegant look for any occasion. To ensure outstanding quality, our browbands for horses are all handmade. They are crafted in a way that leaves no detail to chance. Thanks to their high quality and timeless design, you can be sure that your browbands for horses will last for a long time. Browse through our elegant color combinations to find your next favorite!

Adjustable browbands for horses

Our browbands for horses are designed with an extra large opening to fit all types of bridles. Did you know that you can also choose between brown or black leather in our browbands for horses? Yep, that's correct! Our browbands for horses are available both in brown and black leather to make it easy for you to match them with the rest of your equipment. Thanks to the curved design in our browbands for horses you don't have to worry about choosing the right size. The curved design adjusts to the horse's head and can therefore be used both on horses and ponies. No problem!

How to style our browbands for horses

We absolutely love seeing matching MD outfits from around the world. Our exclusive browbands for horses are like the icing on the cake for the perfect MD look. Thanks to their classic MD design our browbands for horses are easy to combine with the rest of your equipment and your outfit. This will help you set a common theme in your and your horse's look. Feel free to tag us in your photos that you share on social media. We love to see how you choose to style our browbands for horses!