Etsitkö lasten ratsastustakkia, joka olisi mukava, käytännöllinen ja tyylikäs? Älä etsi enää! Meiltä MD:ltä löydät ratsastustakkeja, jotka suojaavat huonolta säältä samalla kun ne mukautuvat liikkeisiisi satulassa ja tallilla. Takit on valmistettu pehmeistä, hengittävistä materiaaleista, jotta sinä voisit nauttia elämästä, tuntea olosi mukavaksi ja liikkua vapaasti. Käytännölliset ja ajattomat mallit sopivat aina, olipa sää millainen tahansa! 
Children’s Riding Jackets – In All Weathers 

When the wind is howling and the rain is pouring, you can feel reluctant towards the idea of making it to the barn. Heavy riding jackets that feel stiff when you move are no ideal option either when you are devoted to a physically challenging sport. Luckily, there are alternatives! 

 MD’s children’s riding jackets are customized for movement, and they protect against rain and wind. Soft, stretchy fabrics make our riding jackets snug to wear while riding or keeping busy at the stable, and they have smart functions like detachable hoods and divisible zippers at the front. In other words, if you are looking for children’s riding jackets and found your way to MD, you have come to the right place! 

Taking Care of Your Children’s Riding Jacket 

To ensure your riding jacket lasts as long as possible, we recommend following the fabric care advice provided for your jacket. Machine wash the jackets at 30°, and remember to not use the tumble dryer. Instead, let the jacket line dry in shade. We recommend washing your children’s riding jacket only when absolutely necessary. 

Find the Right Size in Children’s Riding Jackets 

For your riding jacket to fit perfectly, please read our size guide for Young Riders. Some of our children’s riding jacket models run small in size, so we recommend sizing up for these. 

You’re always welcome to contact our customer service if you can’t find the answers you’re looking for. 

MD <3 Young Riders 

At MD, we are inspired and impressed by Young Riders. Our Young Riders need comfortable gear that stands the test, and doesn’t block the way of our future stars. MD’s children’s riding jackets are part of our Young Riders assortment, which we continuously evolve to provide maximum support for young riders during their horseback journeys.