Missä tahansa kohtaa ratsastusuraasi oletkaan ja mitä ikinä haluat saavuttaakaan – MD on suurin tukijasi! Mallistomme innovatiiviset ratsastuspaidat on suunniteltu mukautumaan kehosi liikkeisiin, jotta voit aina antaa 100 % hevosen selässä. Neljään suuntaan joustava stretchmateriaali ja nopeasti kuivuvat kankaat tekevät mallistomme ratsastuspaidoista ehdottoman osan jokaisen ratsastajan vaatekaappia. Trendikkäät yksityiskohdat, elegantit värit ja täydellinen istuvuus. MD-ratsastuspaidat huomataan! 
Next generation girls riding tops

If it was up to us at MD, we'd only have you wear riding tops that make your days at the stable even better. Life's just too short for clothes that aren't up to scratch, right? Being a rider means long days at the stable, heavy lifting, hard stable work and tough training. For such active days, we believe that you need girls riding tops that are optimized for all activities, all day long. That's why our girls riding tops are designed with ultimate comfort and high flexibility, allowing you to perform better every day. With breathable, stretchy fabrics that keep you dry even during the toughest rides, our girls riding tops are true must-haves in your riding wardrobe!

Young Rider Collection - for tomorrow's top class athletes

All riders, no matter their age, deserve girls riding tops that are perfectly adapted to the sport. Who's with us on this? For us at MD it goes without saying! Our Young Rider collection offers you the same quality and functionality as our collections for adults. The only difference is that the products come in smaller sizes. Would you like to know more about our Young Rider collection or about our thoughts on our girls riding tops? Find out more here.

How to take care of our girls riding tops

Have you already seen the care instructions for our girls riding tops? Yes, there are a few things you as a customer can keep in mind to extend the lifespan of our girls riding tops. We recommend that you always wash our girls riding tops  at 30°C/80°F. You will also find this information on the labels in our girls riding tops. We can also suggest that sometimes just airing your clothes is enough to freshen them up! In our care guide you will find the best tips on how you as a customer can act sustainably when shopping online. There you will also find more information on how to take care of your girls riding tops. Check out our care guide.