Aktiivinen ratsastajan elämä tarkoittaa, että olet paljon menossa. Tallitöitä, harjoittelua, kisoja – aktiiviset ratsastajat liikkuvat paljon. Auttaaksemme sinua selviämään arjen haasteista olemme suunnitelleet ratsastajille sopivia laukkuja, jotka pelastavat sinut monessa tilanteessa. Kätevät ominaisuudet, kestävät materiaalit ja käytännölliset mallit – mallistomme laukut on suunniteltu sinua ja arjen haasteita silmällä pitäen. Kanna kaikki tarvittava mukanasi MD-malliston laukuissa!
Equestrian bags for every occasion

When you're on the move you need equestrian bags that keep what they promise. For us at MD that means practical features, spacious compartments for storage and durable materials. Our equestrian bags are designed with your needs as a rider in mind, making it easy for you to take whatever you need with you when you're on the go. From the gym to the stable, from training to shows. You're always ready to pack up and go with our equestrian bags. The only question now is - what's in your bag?

Discover the latest equestrian bags

Have you seen the latest in equestrian bags? Let us present our Kevin Grooming Bag! Our Kevin is a functional dream-bag that will be the perfect addition for your next show days. Spacious compartments for storage, adjustable straps and a stylish design.

With its practical features our Kevin is an equestrian bag out of the ordinary. You have to experience it to understand what the hype is about! Our Kevin holds everything you need as a rider - and a little more.

Don't miss out on creating your individual equestrian bag! Add your own touch with our patches, hooks and other options that take your bag to the next level! You find all accessories for our Kevin bag here.

Maya sport bag - a classic

At MD we develop equestrian bags that can be used in your everyday life as well as at the stable. Have you met our go-to favorite Maya Sportbag yet? Our Maya Sportbag is a great option if you often move between the stable and the gym. With spacious compartments, adjustable straps and a sporty design, our Maya Sportbag is the perfect choice for athletes on the move! Find your new everyday favorite among our equestrian bags today!

Do you have questions about our equestrian bags?

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