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As equestrian fashion evolves, new innovative materials are entering the market. More traditional types of grip such as leather or suede had been popular in the past. Nowadays, silicone grip is a common type of grip on new breeches. In this article we answer all your questions and concerns on the subject. Let’s go!   

Is silicone grip good?

For us here at MD, high-quality silicone grip is an obvious choice.  Why? Let us explain! First and foremost, silicone grip guarantees excellent adhesion and makes it easier to stabilize the seat.  Unlike more traditional types of grip it also allows for unrestricted freedom of movement on and off horseback. The silicone pattern adapts to your breeches and your movements, giving you full flexibility and freedom to move in the saddle. We believe that riders deserve breeches that are adapted to the sport – and silicone grip will be your secret weapon to success!  

Does silicone grip provide a better grip in the saddle?

Yes, it does! The silicone pattern is strategically placed on our breeches to guarantee secure contact with the saddle. The grip provides in-saddle stability and helps you maintain quiet legs as well as a well-balanced seat, which is needed in order to give precise aids. Many riders appreciate therefore the silicone grip as it guarantees better stability and control in the saddle.  

Do silicone breeches ruin the saddle? 

There is no evidence to suggest that silicone grip will ruin your saddle or cause abnormal wear and tear since the silicone is specifically designed for use with leather saddles. However, in rare cases, temporary imprints of the silicone logos may appear on the saddle after riding with full-seat silicone grip. These imprints are not permanent and can be easily removed by basic saddle care. Clean the saddle with saddle soap and oil it afterwards and the logos will disappear. Simple as that! 

Too much grip with silicone seat?

Stability in the saddle is certainly good, but what if you feel that your silicone breeches are giving you too much stick in the saddle?  Don’t worry!

The desired amount of “stickiness” varies from one person to another depending on individual preferences in the saddle. If you find that the silicone in your full-seat breeches gives you too firm a grip in the saddle, we can recommend our other grip options in our breeches grip guide.

Does the silicone wear off over time?

Unlike the earliest versions, today’s silicone grip breeches are developed with better technology for longer durability. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that the silicone grip, like other frequently used materials, might dull after a certain amount of use and washing. If you find that your silicone breeches give you too firm a grip in the saddle, this may be a good thing to keep in mind.  

We hope this article helped answer your questions about silicone grip in our breeches. Do you have any questions about your Maya Delorez breeches?  Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected]

We’re more than happy to help you! 

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