Horse Face Markings

Just like us humans, horses have unique characteristics and can look very different. They can for example have different coats and markings. In this guide, we focus on the white markings on the horse's face so that you can easily identify them.


Mon 1 Jul - 24

Horse face markings are unique to each horse but here, we cover the terms for common markings and describe their general characteristics  

Faint – A permanent marking that’s not always easily spotted and usually consists of only a few white hairs without any underlying pink skin.

Star – A white marking on the forehead that can be of any size and shape. As can be seen in the graphic, it might appear faint or as a “half” star. However, if the marking is only made up of a few white hairs, the marking should not be referred to as a star. 

Stripe – A narrow, white marking that goes down the middle of the face. 

Broken Stripe - A stripe that isn’t continuous across the entire face; it gives the appearance of having been divided somewhere in the middle.

Blaze – A wide, white marking that goes down the middle of the face. A blaze can be symmetrical or go down the face quite unevenly. 

Snip – A white marking that is typically between the nostrils but that can be of varying size and might cover a larger area of the muzzle.

Blaze & Snip The blaze continues down the face and transitions into a snip. 

Star & Stripe A white marking on the forehead that continues down the face.

Bald face A white marking that extends from the muzzle to, or past, the eyes, leaving most of the face white.