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All riders deserve breeches that are perfectly adapted to the sport. Who's with us on this? Whatever your age and physique, we want you to find breeches that improve your performance as an athlete. Flexible four-way stretch, smart pockets and a trendy design. Our exclusive range is designed with you, the rider, in mind - because we believe that exceptional riders deserve exceptional breeches. Revolutionary breeches? Spot on!

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We don’t think it’s acceptable that athletes have to wear clothes made out of stiff and limiting fabrics. No thanks! Every body and every person is so unique. That’s why we at MD we develop childrens riding tights  that perfectly adapt to you and your needs. Our childrens riding tights are made with high-quality four-way stretch that gives you full freedom of movement wherever you go. With their wide waistbands and breathable fabrics, we guarantee that our childrens riding tights will take your riding to the next level. Don’t let your riding clothes limit you – get better every day with our childrens riding tights!


We at MD create the next generation of childrens riding tights. To meet the needs of young riders, we believe in more than just an innovative and sporty design. It’s also important to work as sustainably as possible, especially in e-commerce. That’s why we’ve created a care guide with all our best tips for your next purchase of childrens riding tights. We believe that asking yourself a few simple questions before shopping for a new pair of childrens riding tights is the first step towards a more sustainable shopping experience. For more inspirational reading and tips on how to take care of your childrens riding tights, click here


Breeches with full seat grip, no grip or something in between? Don’t worry! In our childrens riding tights you can choose from different options based on your personal taste.

  • Full seat grip means grip that covers the entire seat of your childrens riding tights. Full seat grip is a great alternative if you’re at the beginning of your riding career and want to get that little extra support in the saddle. Some dressage riders also prefer full seat in their childrens riding tights for a more steady grip in the saddle.
  • Half seat grip means that the grip covers the inside of the legs but not all the way up to where you’re sitting. Half seat grip in our childrens riding tights can be a good option for riders who prefer a more flexible seat in the saddle. Perhaps as a show jumper you need to ride in a two-point position a lot? Then you should try our childrens riding tights with half seat!
  • Some of our customers prefer their childrens riding tights without any grip at all. If you prefer childrens riding tights without grip we can recommend you to check out our breeches Lexi, Zia and Admira.

Are you unsure which type of grip is the right one for you in our childrens riding tights? No problem, you can read more about the different options in our article about half and full seat breeches.