Maya Delorez

Winter breeches

When the temperatures drop and the colder months of the year come closer, it’s important to keep your legs warm with a pair of fleece-lined winter breeches. As a rider you are exposed to all seasons and weather, which can be quite tough on your equipment. And life in the stable is both easier and more fun if you don’t freeze, right? Our popular breeches are available in a winter version with a warm inner lining. Discover our winter breeches!

Winter breeches for riders

Winter breeches with fleece lining have become an increasingly popular option for more and more riders. Since we launched our first winter breeches at Maya Delorez they have been extremely popular and sold out quickly every season. The great thing about winter breeches is that they provide you with extra warmth on your legs without compromising on comfort. Of course you could also wear a second layer under your regular breeches to keep you warm. However, you might feel that an extra layer of clothing under an already tight pair of breeches can get too uncomfortable and bulky. Then a pair of winter breeches could be the solution for you!

Our winter breeches obviously come with the same practical features as our other breeches such as phone pockets, silicone grip and our comfortable four-way stretch. The material, however, may feel slightly less stretchy than our regular riding pants. That’s because the warming fleece lining in the winter breeches makes the material a little bit less stretchy.

Winter breeches with full seat or half seat grip

Our winter breeches for women come in both full seat and half seat grip. Which option you choose is entirely up to you and your preferences. If you are unsure what to choose, you can read more about the different options in our article on Full Seat & Half Seat Breeches. In general, full seat breeches tend to be a popular option among dressage riders, as they provide a firmer grip in the saddle. That’s also why full seat breeches can be a good option for inexperienced riders who wish to have a more stable seat in the saddle. Half seat breeches give you a more flexible seat and more mobility, which is appreciated by many show jumpers.

Unsure about what size to choose?

Online shopping is not exactly the same as shopping in store, we know. When you can’t try on clothes in a fitting room it can be tricky to know what size to choose. That’s why we developed a size guide for our breeches that you can use to find your perfect size. If you need help with finding your right size, you’re always welcome to contact our customer service via mail or live chat. We’re happy to help you find your perfect size!