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Our white breeches are worn at shows around the world, and we totally get why! Not only do they have a perfect fit, they are also designed with all practical features we’ve come to love about modern breeches such as phone pockets, four-way stretch and a high waist.

Here you will find trendy and functional show breeches in white. We have something for all riders and styles, simply choose the model and grip that suits you!

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White breeches for women, men and children

No matter what level you compete at, in what discipline or what type of model you prefer, we have the perfect pair of white breeches for you. We want to offer you white breeches that are adapted to the sport, can withstand tough environments, look great and fit even better, so that you can focus on your performance when it’s show time. You should always be able to trust your riding gear to support you on your way towards your goals!

White breeches for amateur and elite riders

Our white breeches can be worn for every type of event, from a riding club show to the World Championships, there are no limits! And as a matter of fact, our breeches have been worn in several major championships over the past years, in both show jumping and dressage. Our Compression Breeches, for instance, have competed in the Tokyo Olympics! Among others, they were worn by Swedish dressage rider Louise Etzner Jakobsson, who won a silver medal at the Summer Paralympic Games.

White breeches from Maya Delorez

Our white breeches come in different models to cater to different needs and preferences. They all have in common that they are made of stretchy, adaptable function material and designed with you, the rider, in mind. Of course, just like all our other breeches, they are equipped with practical features such as phone pockets on the thighs. You can choose between different models, types of grip, materials and designs to find the perfect breeches that suit you and your riding.