About our breeches

Our signature product

Right from the start our popular breeches have become Maya Delorez’ signature product and are now being used by riders all over the world. Our breeches are designed exactly like we think all breeches should be: made for and adapted to the sport. The design of our revolutionary riding breeches is inspired by the gym world and we aim at no less than to challenge the old thinking about breeches. We completely switched out the traditional cotton material and replaced it with a function material made out of four-way stretch. We guarantee that you’ll experience a whole new level of comfort! We know how tough and rough it can be at the stable. Therefore, we’ve worked hard to find a high-quality material that leaves nothing to be desired. 

Our breeches come in three different models to cater for different needs and preferences. So no matter what level you ride or train at, we have the right breeches for you. Our high-quality breeches all have in common that they are made of stretchy, adaptable function material and designed with you, the rider, in mind. You can choose between different colors, types of grip, materials and designs to find the perfect breeches that suit you and your riding. Here you’ll learn more about what sets our FUNCTION, PERFORMANCE, COMPRESSION and CLASSIC models apart.


2021-10-08 ·

Obsessed with my Compression Breeches. Fits like a glove!


2021-10-01 ·

I would 100% recommend these breeches


2021-10-04 ·

Love everything about my MD breeches. The look, fit and feel is perfect.


2021-10-03 ·

Absolutely adore them. Great material and my figure looks so good in them!


Function is our first model and we can guarantee that these breeches will be the new favorites in your wardrobe. Our popular and best-selling signature model with its simple, clean design and outstanding comfort won’t disappoint you. Function has two phone pockets, an extra high waist and a wide waistband that keeps the breeches in place. Designed in a wonderful four-way stretch for best feeling and fit. It’s hard to resist these everyday favorites!

About the breeches

  • High waist
  • Extra wide waistband
  • Phone pocket
  • Four-way stretch
  • Flexible and stretchy
  • Tights-inspired design

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Forget everything you know about breeches. Our Performance model will definitely change your whole worldview about breeches! The perfect combination of function, quality and design. Unique details that give a luxurious feeling meet the hottest trend in the equestrian world right now: breeches made out of function material They come with a practical phone pocket, high waist and elastic ankles. Incredible fit thanks to the four-way stretch that adapts to the rider regardless of body type. The perfect pair of breeches for training and competition. Perform with precision with our Performance Breeches.

About the breeches

  • High Waist
  • Phone pocket
  • Classy details
  • Four-way stretch

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Compression is a game changer! This model offers maximum support in a high-quality, compressive four-way stretch. Its distinctive feature is the firmer and slightly thicker material that gives a flattering and sculpting look – without compromising on functionality. The high waist and wide waistband combined with our popular silicone grip ensures a stable seat in the saddle, even during the most challenging sessions. Compression allows you to perform at your highest level, with unbeatable freedom of movement and comfort.

About the breeches

  • High waist
  • Wide waistband
  • Phone pockets
  • Compression fabric
  • Four-way stretch
  • Seamless inside leg
  • Classy and detailed design

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Classic just got an update! In order to meet our customers’ desire for a pair of traditional breeches with a touch of Maya Delorez, we developed the Classic-series. Designed in a slightly firmer material with flexible four-way stretch to provide a high level of support and freedom of movement. Elastane ankles shaped for superior comfort and a perfect fit. Extra deep phone pockets on the thighs. High and wide waistband with belt loops. The look of regular breeches, but don’t be fooled – the Classic-series is anything but average.

About the breeches

  • High waist
  • Wide waistband
  • Slightly firmer four-way stretch
  • Deep phone pockets
  • Belt loops and buttons
  • Classy design
  • Elastane ankles

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We recommend that you choose the type of breeches based on your needs and their intended use. There is no right or wrong when choosing breeches. All our models can be used for all types of riding. What’s important is that you feel comfortable and that the breeches suit your needs and preferences. 

A clear trend that we can see among our customers is that most use our Function model for everyday at the stable. When it comes to training and competitions, our Performance and Compression models are most appreciated. And we totally get why: It always feels nice to put on a pair of extra stylish breeches for special occasions! At the same time, our Function offer the same comfort as training tights and they are therefore the perfect option for an active everyday life in the stable.

No matter which model you choose: We’re convinced that our breeches will be the new favorites in your wardrobe! If you have any further questions, our customer service is glad to help you find the right breeches for you.

What kind of grip should you choose?

All our breeches are available in both half seat and full seat. Which type of seat you choose depends entirely on your own preferences. Dressage riders often choose full seat while show jumpers are more likely to go for half seat breeches. But again, there’s no right or wrong. If you’re at the beginning of your riding career, we recommend to choose breeches with full seat since they give you somewhat more stability in the saddle.

Are you unsure about what type of breeches you should choose? Read our article about full seat and half seat breeches here!