Membership Terms

MD VIP Community  

Join the MD VIP Community and unlock exclusive rewards! As a member, you'll earn points every time you shop or interact with us. Plus, you'll gain access to exclusive benefits, offers, and inspiration. The higher your membership level, the more perks you'll receive. 

These membership terms are between Maya Delorez AB (org no. 559141-7620) and you as a private individual. By registering as a member of the MD VIP Community, you agree to these terms. 

We may update the terms for our MD VIP Community from time to time, and we'll always display the date of the latest update at the bottom of the page. If we make any major changes, we'll send you an email with the updated terms to the email address you provided during registration. If you don't agree to the changes, you can cancel your membership at any time.  

  • Membership in the MD VIP Community is free of charge and is valid on To become a member, you must be at least 16 years old. If you're under 18 years old, you need the consent of your legal guardian. Membership is personal and non-transferable. You are responsible for your login details and ensure that only you have access to the account. You can only have one (1) membership in the MD VIP Community and the membership benefits are only valid for private purchases.  

    You become a member of the MD VIP Community by registering at Your purchase will be registered to your membership when you are logged in at the time of purchase. If purchases need to be registered afterwards, please contact our customer service.  

  • The MD VIP Community has three membership levels based on the points you accumulate. You'll earn points whenever you make a purchase or complete a point-awarding activity, like entering your birthday or interests. The same point-awarding activity can only be completed once. For instance, you can update your information multiple times, but you'll only receive points for the first update.  
    Bronze: 0 - 2500 points  
    Silver: 2500 - 5000 points  
    Gold: 5000 + points  

    Your membership level is determined by the total points you collected within the past 12 months. Once you accumulate enough points to reach the next level, you'll be automatically upgraded, and you'll keep your new membership level for the next 12 months. After 12 months, your membership level will be based on the total number of points you've earned throughout those 12 months. As a member, you cannot move to a lower membership level until your new membership level is awarded after 12 months. You can learn more about each level here

  • When you become a member of the MD VIP Community, you'll automatically have a user account created for you on By logging into My Account, you'll be able to access various features, including: 

    • View and update your personal information 

    • Check your order history 

    • See your current membership level 

    • Check your points history 

    • Manage your membership 

    • See your benefits, personalized offers, and vouchers 

  • As a member, you get points on every purchase when you shop at The points are paid out in the form of a voucher that is valid for 3 months. The currency of your voucher is determined by the country you chose when you registered your membership. 

    1 SEK = 1 point 
    1 EUR = 10 points 
    1 USD = 10 points 
    1 GBP = 10 points 
    1 CHF = 10 points 
    1 NOK = 1 point 
    1 DKK = 1 point

    You receive a voucher once a month. To use your voucher, make a purchase on You'll see your voucher at checkout, where it will be activated automatically. There's no minimum purchase amount required to use your voucher. 

    2000 points give 50 SEK/NOK/DKK 
    3500 points give 100 SEK/NOK/DKK 
    5000 points give 200 SEK/NOK/DKK 

    2000 points give 5 EUR/USD/GBP/CHF 
    3500 points give 10 EUR/USD/GBP/CHF 
    5000 points give 20 EUR/USD/GBP/CHF 

    You can use your voucher for purchases on, as well as at fairs and sample sales when you provide your personal data at checkout. You cannot redeem the voucher for cash. You can keep track of your membership level and vouchers under My Account at  

    If you return a purchase where you've used a voucher, the voucher won't be refunded. Your points will be updated in your points history after the return has been processed.  

  • We want to offer you as a member exclusive offers and discounts that we think you might like. In order to do this, we process your personal information like email address, phone number, address, order history, interests, gender, and website activity. Different members may receive different offers, discounts and messages. You can view and activate your personalized offers under My Account. Personal offers cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions, unless otherwise stated.  

  • As a member of the MD VIP Community, you may receive invitations to exclusive events. Details about upcoming events will be available under My Account or sent directly to the email address you provided when you registered.

  • To help you keep track of your purchases, we save your order history under My Account. This way, you can review your past orders, and it makes it easier for us to communicate with you more effectively. Your order history will include all orders created since you registered your account with us. 

  • In order for you to take advantage of your membership benefits, personal offers, vouchers, and other updates, we use various channels such as email, SMS, social media, or other similar means to communicate with you. 

  • We want to provide you as a member of our MD VIP Community with a personalized experience when you visit and interact with other digital channels (e.g. our newsletter). In order to do this, we process your personal data such as favorite products, location, gender, age, and order history. This allows us to better personalize your experience, as well as information and offers you receive when you visit us. 

  • The membership is valid until further notice and you can terminate it at any time by contacting our customer service. You can find our contact details below under the heading Contact Details or by clicking here. If you terminate your membership, or if Maya Delorez cancels your membership, you will lose all accumulated points, vouchers, and benefits associated with the membership. 

    Maya Delorez has the right to terminate a membership if it has been inactive and the last registered purchase was more than 24 months ago. Note that any earned points expire automatically after 12 months. Additionally, Maya Delorez reserves the right to terminate a membership or cancel points due to abuse. Abuse includes not following agreed conditions or allowing other people to register purchases on the membership account.  

  • In relation to your membership in the MD VIP Community, Maya Delorez is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from technical errors, reduced functionality or other similar issues. This does not apply to liability that cannot be avoided under mandatory law. 

  • In order to fulfill our commitments in these membership terms, we need to process your personal data. The details on how we process your personal data are stated in our privacy policy.  
    Our privacy policy outlines the purposes for which we use your personal data, the legal basis for processing, the third-party partners who may access your personal data, the duration for which we keep your data, and complete information on your rights. 

  • You can object to our direct marketing at any time.  
    You can terminate your membership in the MD VIP Community at any time.

  • Customer Service contact details for questions about our MD VIP Community: E-Mail:  

Membership terms last updated on 2023-03-12.