Stephanie Holmén

Keep Things Straight

”In this exercise, you and your horse get to practice following a straight line without wobbling, all while maintaining a steady rhythm.”


Tue 23 Apr - 24

This is how you do it:

”Set out three jumps on a straight line. A vertical followed by 14,5 meters to an oxer and then 14,5 meters to another vertical.

I usually start with small jumps and 4 strides between each. When the verticals are higher, I increase the speed and ride 3 strides between. This exercise is all about rhythm, adjustability and keeping straightness down a line without wobbling.

When you start with a slower pace, it can be challenging to lengthen the canter strides sufficiently as the poles are raised. It’s of great importance to set a plan and pick up an active canter right away to jump evenly through the line.“