Winner of 2023 Lövsta Future Challenge U25

André Brandt

"Elvis was amazing - relaxed, focused, and he kept pushing all the way to the finishing line! He was definitely ready for the challenge and made it easy for me."


Sat 25 Feb - 23

After a two-year break due to the pandemic, the Gothenburg Horse Show has made a triumphant comeback to Scandinavium arena in Gothenburg, Sweden. The event showcased some of the world's top riders competing in show jumping and dressage, complemented by a range of exciting and diverse activities such as mounted games, hobbyhorse jumping, and agility. It was an amazing equestrian extravaganza that drew in many gifted riders, including both seasoned professionals and up-and-coming juniors. The weekend also provided several U25 riders with the chance to demonstrate their skills, and one rider in particular shone brightly among the competition.

As we enter the bustling lobby of the Gothia Towers hotel, we spot André Brandt among the crowd. The day's competitions have just wrapped up, and the crowd is streaming towards the hotel restaurant and after-ride party. As we meet André, he's beaming with joy and is eager to share the exciting news about his win – and it definitely is a cause for celebration! He placed in all his classes, made an impressive debut at the five-star international level, and emerged as the winner in the Lövsta Future Challenge U25.

The Lövsta Future Challenge U25 is a unique opportunity for Sweden's top young riders under 25 to gain valuable experience in major arenas. Riders earn points in qualifying competitions in various classes from 1.45m and up, with the highest scorers advancing to the final round, which takes place at Gothenburg Horse Show. André dominated with exceptional performances over the weekend, securing the top spot in the overall standings on Saturday with his horse El Qlassico TT (aka Elvis), who André is quick to praise.

"Elvis was amazing - relaxed, focused, and he kept pushing all the way to the finishing line! He was definitely ready for the challenge and made it easy for me."

Taking on the Gothenburg Trophy means facing obstacles that tower at 1.55 meters. But André remained unfazed, riding with ease and breezing through the course. Though it may appear effortless from the stands, we know the immense effort and hard work that goes into such a feat. That's what truly impresses us – making something difficult seem simple. 

It's clear that André's achievements haven't just made an impression on us. As we stand and chat, several riders and visitors stop to hug him and congratulate him on his success. He is genuinely happy about each person who approaches him, and repeatedly emphasizes how fulfilling and rewarding it has been.


"It feels so good to have won. It was a great learning experience to have been able to participate and compete against the best riders!"


André is a clear example of how dedication and hard work really do pay off. We are proud to have him as one of our team riders and we can't wait to see what the future holds for him.


Photographer: Mia Nilsson (ATG Ridsport)