Saddle pads

Classic colors and a timeless design - our saddle pads add that finishing touch to your everyday riding looks. Our saddle pads come in two different models for optimized fit and comfort. Their sleek lines and subtle details create an exclusive look for both training and shows. Choose your go-to color and do your thing, it's time to shine!


That feeling of putting a brand-new saddle pad on for the first time… From one rider to another: You know what we’re talking about! Our saddle pads for horses come in an iconic MD design that doesn’t compromise on style or on functionality. With carefully placed details and sleek lines, our saddle pads for horses are simply a must-have under every rider’s saddle. 

And not only do our saddle pads create a perfect look, but they also fulfill important functions while riding! Did you know that saddle pads help: 

  • Distribute pressure more evenly on the horses back 
  • Reduce any friction 
  • Improve the balance of the saddle

Functional saddle pads for horses that also come in an incredible design? Sounds like a perfect match!


Our saddle pads for horses come in different models to meet the needs of every rider. Are you a show jumper? Then check out our jumping saddle pads! They are designed to fit your jumping saddle or all-purpose saddle with shorter saddle flaps. If you ride or compete in dressage, we can recommend our dressage saddle pads which are designed for saddles with longer saddle flaps. Jumping, dressage or a mix of both – we have saddle pads for every occasion!

Once you’ve clicked home your saddle pad, don’t forget to tag us on social media @mayadelorez. We love to see all MD teams out there! How do you choose to match with your teammate? Are you going for a classic white show look or with elegant black for training? Either way, we know you’ll always rock a bomb-shell look!


We’re happy to help you, of course! Check out our article on how to choose a saddle pad, for example. There you’ll find useful information on the differences between our jumping and dressage saddle pads as well as size guides with measurements. Also, our customer service is happy to answer your questions about our saddle pads for horses. Not sure which model to choose, or which size fits best? Don’t hesitate to contact us in our live chat or drop us an email at [email protected]

You can also find answers to the most common questions we receive in our FAQ.