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The color green has long been associated with equestrianism and has previously been prominent in the more traditional disciplines of the sport. Today, green appears almost everywhere in equestrian fashion and there are several trendy shades to choose from. In our range you will find different models and shades to choose from, both adults and young riders. What about a pair of khaki green breeches? Or do you prefer a slightly colder shade? Discover our range of green breeches and find your new favorites!

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High quality breeches from Maya Delorez

Our ambition since the beginning has been to offer riding gear that is adapted to active riders and the daily challenges they face. With its innovative design and supple sports fabrics, our riding gear offers a whole new level of support and comfort in the stable. Stiff cotton breeches with irritating seams are a thing of the past. The new generation of high-quality functional breeches is here to stay!

“I love these breeches and I have almost all colors. They are pretty, functional and durable. I’ve been wearing one pair 5 days a week for several months now and they still look and feel like new. They haven’t lost their shape, no pilling at all and no issues with the grip either. Bonus points for the phone pockets and belt loops!” – Robin, MD customer.

Green breeches with full seat grip or half seat grip

Our green breeches for women come in both full seat and half seat grip. Which option you choose is entirely up to you and your preferences. If you are unsure what to choose, you can read more about the different options in our article on Full Seat & Half Seat Breeches. In general, full seat breeches tend to be a popular option among dressage riders, as they provide a firmer grip in the saddle. That’s also why full seat breeches can be a good option for inexperienced riders who wish to have a more stable seat in the saddle. Half seat breeches give you a more flexible seat and more mobility, which is appreciated by many show jumpers.

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Just like the rest of the products in the range, Maya Delorez green breeches are sold exclusively on our own website. We do not work with any retailers or shops. However, you can chat with us on weekdays and some weekends and ask us all you want to know about our products. We’re happy to support you in the shopping process! You can also find answers to our most frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.

Our team visits a lot of shows and fairs around the world and at these events we usually have a booth on site. You can meet us there, hang out with us and try our products on the spot. Check out our events calendar to see what shows and fairs we have planned for the coming months.