Stephanie Holmén's

Circle Jumping Exercise

“This circle jumping exercise is great to get a more supple horse that yields to your inside leg.”


Fri 24 Nov - 23


”Set out 3 equally high jumps on a circle, 5,5 meters apart. If you want to make the exercise easier – start small with poles on the ground.

Pick up a nice active working canter and aim to the middle of each jump or pole in the circle. Make sure your horse follows your aids and bends around your inside leg.

It will quickly become clear if your horse is one-sided and has a strong or weak side. So this is also a good exercise to use to help your horse become more supple on each rein.

You can increase the difficulty of this exercise by raising the poles slightly as you and your horse improve. Depending on your horse’s canter and size you might have to extend the distances between the jumps. Around 6 meters usually works. Remember, you can always give yourself a little more or less space by slightly changing the line of your circle without having to change the rhythm of the canter. ”

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