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Stay Warm at the Barn

Cold winter day at the barn? With these tips & tricks you’ll never freeze again – neither in saddle and nor when doing chores. Read now!


Wed 7 Dec - 22

Winter is upon us in many parts of the world. And while we would all love to cozy up indoors, we have horses that need to be ridden and cared for, so we must go to the barn and face the elements. Here are some tips and tricks to stay warm while you’re at the barn on those frigid winter days to come.


What do you wear horseback riding in the cold?

The secret to keep warm in the saddle and around the stable is definitely a smart layering system. Wearing different layers with distinct functions helps you immensely when faced with tough weather conditions. You can read more about how to properly layer up for riding here. Also, a general tip: Don’t keep your riding clothes like gloves, jacket and boots at the stable (unless you have a heated tack room). There’s nothing worse than having to put on gloves or a coat that are still cold and damp from the day before. Take your clothes home to properly dry and they’ll be warm when you put them back on, too.


What kind of breeches do you wear horseback riding in winter?

While layering is super smart and easy for the upper body, it’s a bit trickier for the lower body. Of course, you could wear a second layer under your regular breeches to keep you warm. However, you might feel that an extra layer of clothing under an already tight pair of breeches can get too uncomfortable and bulky. Then a pair of winter breeches could be the solution for you! Winter breeches with fleece lining have become an increasingly popular option for more and more riders as they provide you with extra warmth on your legs without compromising on comfort. 


How do I keep my hands warm when riding?

It’s not recommended to layer up gloves when riding as you want to keep a light and sensitive grip to be able to give precise rein aids. Depending on the season and the temperature, it can therefore be good to accessorize with season-appropriate winter riding gloves. They are designed in a way to add warmth to your hands without being bulky. 


How do I keep my feet warm when riding?

As with gloves, layering up riding socks is not really the best way to go. First of all, it can be quite hard to fit several layers of socks under your boots or chaps. And, more importantly, wearing several pairs of socks under already tight boots can restrict blood flow to your feet and cause poor circulation, which in turn makes your feet feel even colder. So just as with riding gloves, we recommend winter riding socks with a material that’s specifically made for colder weather. 


How do I stay warm at the barn when doing stable work?

Mucking or feeding in winter are not the most pleasant experiences ever, we feel you. But some tips on how to make it better are:


  • Stay as dry as possible – if your socks or riding gloves are wet, try and swap them out for a pair of dry ones.

  • Always keep your head and ears warm with a beanie or headband so as to not lose heat from your head.

  • Bring a thermos – it’s always a good idea to bring a thermos with some hot tea or coffee with you to the stable. Then, when you’re absolutely freezing you still have that to look forward to and warm you up!


Tip for your horsey:

While you groom your horse, wear your horse’s bridle under your jacket to help warm the bit. Your horse will thank you! 🖤