Designer Interview

Maternity Breeches

Allow us to unveil the highly anticipated new addition to our collection: Maya Delorez Maternity Breeches. Read all about them this way 👇


Mon 9 Oct - 23

Allow us to unveil the highly anticipated new addition to our collection: Maya Delorez Maternity Breeches. At last, we are thrilled to bring our bestselling signature product to pregnant riders. Join us as we share insights from our designer and founder, Madelene Törnblom, as she introduces the new arrival


“For years, I've received questions about creating breeches tailored for expecting riders. Customers have even reached out to us, sharing how our range of stretchy breeches has been a go-to during their pregnancy. However, as their baby bump expanded, it became evident that our standard design wasn't ideally suited for accommodating pregnancy. That's why I'm incredibly excited to introduce you to Peggy: The ultimate breeches crafted exclusively for pregnant equestrians.

They are based on the same design as our trusted Function breeches but come with some adjustments around the waist area. The top priority? Comfort. I wanted to ensure they provided a snug yet comfortable fit without causing any discomfort. Equally important, they stay put and won't slide down."

"We've tinkered, tweaked, and experimented to perfection, and now, they’re here. I can't wait to hear what you think about them!”



Get to know our Maternity Breeches

How are the sizes?
This breeches model is designed with a flexible four-way stretch that adapts to your unique body shape and leg length. Go for the size you typically wear, and the length will adjust to fit you perfectly. Please note: These are general guidelines as every pregnancy is different.


What colors are available?
To begin with, we’ll launch our maternity breeches in classic and timeless black. But looking ahead, the possibilities are endless!! We're curious to hear your thoughts – what colors would you love to see?


In what ways does this model differ from the original Function Breeches? 🪡
We've based this model on our trusted Function Breeches but added some thoughtful touches to make them an ideal choice for pregnant equestrians. To ensure maximum comfort, we've incorporated an extra-high and wide waistband and repositioned some seams to prevent any discomfort or awkwardness. The design ensures that the breeches won't slide down or squeeze uncomfortably over the stomach.