Ioli Mytilineou

Tips on Goal Setting

Ioli's advice to equestrians striving to reach their goals


Sat 20 Apr - 24

Your goals are personal

It’s okay to not have as big of a goal as your friend/partner may have.

Create goals that feel obtainable for you

This does not mean they have to be easy, but that your goals are not based on someone else’s, or on the goal that you think you should have.

Make a plan on how to achieve your goal

This might include how you will train yourself and your horse, focusing on the basics, which competitions you choose (if your goal is result-based), as well as the overall management of your horse.

Trust the process

Even if it feels as though you shouldn’t. 

“Mistakes cannot be avoided, but once made, they should be learned from. In my opinion, this is the most effective way to think of disappointments, as it leads to being constructive rather than potentially destructive.”


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