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Our black breeches have been best sellers since the beginning and we totally understand why! Not only are they the ultimate wardrobe staple, they also have all modern features we’ve come to love about new generation breeches, such as phone pockets, four-way stretch and a high waist.

Here you will find trendy and functional breeches in black. We have something for all riders and styles, simply choose the model and grip that suits you!

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Black breeches for women, men and children

Our ambition is to be an inclusive brand that offers fashionable, high-quality products for everyone. That’s why our black breeches are available in several different models, sizes and with different types of grip. We have breeches for women, men and children that come in full seat grip, half seat grip and with no grip at all. Although all our models are designed with the same basic idea of being flexible, sport-friendly, functional and comfortable – the design varies. Some models have a more detailed design, with belt loops and special seams for a more classic look – while others are simple and casual.

Black breeches – a sustainable option

One thing that virtually all black clothes have in common is their timelessness. The color black will always be fashionable and never go out of style, making black breeches the perfect choice for a smart riding wardrobe. A great investment for those seeking a capsule wardrobe with fewer, better pieces to alternate between.

Easy to mix and match

The color black has another obvious advantage: its simplicity when it comes to mixing and matching. No matter what color you choose for your horse’s saddle pad, your riding boots or your shirt – it will always match your black breeches. You can never go wrong with a pair of trusted black breeches from Maya Delorez, trust us!

Reasons to love black breeches

We can’t get enough of black breeches! Here are some reasons why:

  • For a start, mixing and matching with other products is super easy
  • They will never go out of style which makes them …
  • … a great investment to your smart and sustainable riding wardrobe

And the best part? Dirt is less visible on dark clothes, which makes black breeches perfect for around the stables.